Welcome to the Authoritas Blog from CEO Laurence O’Toole

Welcome to the Authoritas blog!

Over the coming months, you’ll find Big Data Science driven research, expert interviews, in-depth blog posts and innovative tools that will help you to transform your SEO and content marketing campaigns.

We’re not newbies. We’ve been building and optimising websites since the late 1990s. If you want to read our story and why we do what we do every day then head over here.

We’ve built online advertising businesses, PPC platforms, email marketing systems and SEO platforms. Whilst our work has covered many industries there is one common thread – helping clients get to #1 and produce transformational results.

The Authoritas platform is the culmination of our past 20 years of work in digital and our focus is the same – we want to help you win – someone has to be #1 and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be you!

If you want to find out more about how we can help you achieve transformational results for your SEO and content marketing campaigns then read on or get in touch.

It’s all about our new Big Data Science driven technology, data and software that we’re now rolling out to our clients worldwide.

We’re really excited about the vision for our business and for delivering our clients game-changing insights. We believe our new brand name reflects our aims.

Authoritas is derived from Latin and it conveys:

‘Authority, influence, responsibility, prestige, reputation, opinion and judgment’.

To be successful in your niche you need to become an Authority. Google and the other major search engines reward websites with high-quality original content and links from other reputable websites.

Our data, technology and services will help you formulate a plan to become an authority in your market niche:

  • We’ll help you analyse and benchmark your market share in a way no other SEO platform can
  • Our automated algorithms will help you formulate your content marketing strategies and show Google’s algorithms at work in your market
  • Our search engine optimisation and content tools will analyse your website, compare key ranking factors to the competition and help you get the essentials right
  • We’ll give your content marketing and editorial teams thousands of automated content suggestions and radically improve your existing keyword research process
  • All this at scale across one large site(s) or thousands of small ones in any industry worldwide, supported by a passionate team whose success is measured by your success

In addition, on this blog we’ll strive to provide:

  • The highest quality original big data Science driven research (the kind that’s difficult to do on your own in Excel)
  • Interviews from experts in SEO, Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Content Marketing and more
  • In-depth commentary on key algorithm updates or industry developments
  • Free tools to help you get a competitive edge

So, welcome to the blog, please do start a discussion on the blog, sign up for a demo or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

I am always happy to chat personally about your projects and challenges, algorithm updates, career opportunities in digital marketing and pretty much anything else. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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