What’s in demand for Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again, love is in the air. It’s Valentine’s Day!

I’m sure many of you have already bought cringeworthy cards, boxes of choccies and red roses – you know the score!

I’ve been feeling romantic, so decided to search our huge commercial keyword database to find out what all you lovebirds are searching for this year.

If you want to surprise your loved one and be original this year (or next), then try and avoid buying anything on this list, as these are some of the most popular Valentine’s related search terms on Google.co.uk right now that caught my eye!

  • ‘Calvin Klein Boxers’ – Search Volume 33,100 searches

Well hello, good looking! Fresh new pair of undies. No excuses for wearing your pants inside out anymore. With an increase of 50% on last month ‘Calvin Klein boxers’ are the ones to be seen in!

  • ‘Personalised mug’ – Search Volume 31,100 searches

Personalised mugs for Valentine’s Day.  Are we onto a winner? With an increase of 80% over average search volumes in February it seems everyone wants to be drinking tea staring their loved one in the eye!

  • ‘Moonpig Valentines Day’ – Search Volume 27,100 searches

Why go out and hand pick gifts and hand write cards when you can just be chilling on your sofa ordering everything with just a few clicks. With an increase of 600% in February, it looks like people have noted the convenience of ordering cards online.

  • ‘Subway Free Valentines’ – Search Volume- 19,720 searches

Subway are getting some love this Valentine’s Day. You cannot go wrong with a Subway sandwich – especially if it’s free!  Subway date anyone?

  • ‘Flowers online’ – Search Volume 14,100 searches

    Roses are red, violets are blue and I love you. Unsurprisingly, purchases of flowers increase by 90% in February.  Why flowers, especially roses, you may ask? Giving a rose on Valentine’s Day apparently goes back to the former King of Sweden, the red rose is translated as Deep love, taking the meaning of its affiliation with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Magical!
  • ‘Valentine’s Cards’  – Search Volume- 12,100 searches

    Valentine’s cards, have an increase of 2,400% during this time period. The typical soppy cards go down a treat; you just cannot go wrong.
  • ‘Valentine’s Meal Deal’ – Search Volume 12,100 searches

Meal Deals, with an increase of 100% month-on-month. Perfect for a nice night in for two (or even for one!

  • ‘Victoria Secret Gift Set’ – Search Volume 4,400 searches

Who doesn’t love being given some nice new underwear and matching bra? Demand for ‘Victoria secrets gift sets’ increase by 600% at this time of year.

  • ‘Homemade Valentine’s Gifts’ – Search Volume 3,600 searches

This brings me back to primary school, when we all made homemade cards using glitter and PVA glue and signed it anonymously to our latest crush or our parents. There’s an increase in searches for homemade gifts of 70% this month.  If you really want to show someone you love them, then put some effort in whilst showing off your creative skills – you will definitely earn some Brownie points.

  • ‘Last Minute Gifts for him’ – Search Volume 1,300 searches

Who would have thought that this would come up.  I thought women would be more organised than men!  Apparently, women are 6 times more likely to search for gifts than men.

We cannot end this Valentine’s Day post without a romantic quote from the famous Shakespeare himself; “So long as I can breathe or I can see, so long lives your love which gives life to me”.

Woah! On that note, check out our FREE Demo today – we’ll promise to take your breath away!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.  This is my first post – so feel free to share some love 😉

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