5 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best CMS

Together with Lucy Pickering and Niki Mosier, Marko Saric we discussed the topic of WordPress, is it the best CMS? Lucy shared her thoughts about Umbraco in a previous post and Marko shares his thoughts on why WordPress is the best CMS below.

1. It is flexible is easy to use

I have used WordPress on my own personal website. But in general it’s great to start a website these days as there are so many CMS options available. Pick the one that you like the best, the one that you know the best or the one that fits well for your use case. It’s a very flexible CMS too, used by anyone from personal websites such as me, to large corporations and even governmental institutions. Thousands of themes and plugins make it easy to build a site that you want even without any technical experience. If you’re not a developer this saves you tons of time and tons of money. You can simply install one of the different themes to change your design or one of the different plugins to add a specific feature to your site.

2. WordPress has a community

More than 37% of all websites are hosted on WordPress and that tells you something about its importance, usefulness and popularity. Because of its popularity, there’s a huge and passionate community behind WordPress which makes it easy to find guides, tutorials and help for whatever you may need.

WordPress is also open source software so it’s here to stay and you don’t have to worry about their business model changing or the company going out of business. This fact puts you fully in control of your website. You can download your content and take it wherever you want so I believe WordPress is the best CMS.

3. WordPress has many plugins and page builders to help

About SEO plugins: Yoast SEO is a safe choice as it’s the most popular one. The SEO Framework is a nice alternative for those who want something more simple and easier to use.

About page builders: I recommend you start with the in-built Gutenberg. See how much you can do with it. You may find that it already does everything you need. This way you don’t have to worry about third-parties adding more weight and more bloat and making your site slower.

4. You can have a fast website

About speeding up WordPress: Try to compress the size of your images. I use ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin and it automatically reduces the weight of my images as I upload them to WordPress. In general it reduced the weight by some 60-80% while I cannot see the different in image quality. I wrote a more complete guide on speeding up WordPress and how I achieved top scores on the different page speed testers.

5. Easy hosting solutions

About hosting: There are too many hosting companies and most of them have some kind of a WordPress specialized plan. WordPress themselves list a few on their official website. I personally use GreenGeeks as they run on renewable energy so help me reduce the carbon footprint of my site. I have a starting a WordPress site guide here.

In summary, pick the CMS that suits your company. For instance, in the privacy friendly Google Analytics alternative startup that I’m working on called Plausible Analytics, we use a different CMS called Netlify because we have simpler needs and it’s integrated with the hosting company we use.

Thank you Marko for expanding on your tea time talk. If you missed the session, watch it on YouTube below or read through the presentation on what WordPress is the best cms on slideshare. Lucy Pickering also goes into more detail from that session on her view on why Umbraco is the best cms?

Image credit: Jason Leung on Unsplash

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