Recap of BrightonSEO September 2018 – The Authoritas Live Stream

A couple of weeks ago, we went down to BrightonSEO and as per usual had a great time! We enjoyed a very pleasant atmosphere, a warm and professionally organised day, but above all we enjoyed the extremely thought-provoking talks!

We were lucky to be able to meet many of you on the day, as well as having many more join us on our Live Stream. For those of you who couldn’t make it on the day or missed the stream, we prepared a small playlist on our YouTube channel with every talk from the main auditorium for you to catch up! For your ease we have cut and uploaded each of the talks separately, so you can focus in on the content you want.

You don’t know which talk you might be interested in? You don’t have enough time to watch all these talks? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a quick summary for each of the talks we recorded in the main auditorium so that you can choose which talk you want to watch!

Ross Travendale

Data Journalism: A practical guide to big links

Ross explained how we can use data journalism as a way to win links from biggest publications in the industry. From pulling data, to creating assets, to public speaking, Ross taught us the complete methodology and approach that he uses with his clients every day.

Sarah Bradley

Getting Millennial’s Attention on Social Media

Using examples from the universities of Northampton and Oxford, to demonstrate the best way to approach a content and community management strategy – trying to break down perceptions of millennials and what they care about from their influencer channels (e.g. University pages).

Bobbi Brant

How to Use Live Video in Content Marketing

Live video is an exciting and surprisingly accessible form of content that can have a huge impact on brand audiences. This talk will look at the brands that are using the medium well and offer some tips on how to get started and incorporate live video into your content strategy.

Matt Siltala

Are you a content creator, or a content documentor?

Matt and his company Avalaunch Media are known for producing creative content for some of the biggest global brands including Microsoft, Redbull, and GoPro! In his talk, he shared his own experiences on how to make the most out of visual content to maximise your brand presence in the digital space!

John Brasington

Contextual optimisation: How to create value led content for your ecosystem

Interested in how new and old content can complement one another? Or looking for ways to ensure that new content adds value to the fragile ecosystem of the existing site? Listen to what John Brasington has to say to help you create valuable content.

Meg Fenn

Using stunning design to leverage your SEO

SEO is all about communication and we have to get content to users clearly and effective. In this session Meg from Shake it UP Creative takes us through how designs are used to produce a better UX and user flows in order to communicate more effectively to customers.

Hannah Thorpe

SEO without Traffic

Today we can see an increase in users searching for information without visiting websites through a variety of methods including smart boxes and featured snippets. Hannah’s talk will cover SEO tactics to gain awareness and reach users, without driving traffic to your site!

Izzi Smith
Practical Insights into Winning Featured Snippets

Based on Izzi’s extensive research and success with her venture domains, Izzi’s talk will give you useful insights on how you can discover featured Snippet opportunities, steal them from your competitors and even how to trigger Position 0 results!

Patrick Reinhart

Indexation, Cannibalisation, Experimentation, Oh My!

Patrick helps some of the largest brands in the world with their organic search initiatives. In his talk he went through tasks that all SEO’s should be doing on a regular basis but most aren’t, listen to his talk to see what you should be doing to help improve your SEO.

Bjorn Beth & Svetlana Stankovic

Making Data Dreams come true: Bridging the Gap between Ranking Factors and SEO Strategy

One of the best ways to analyze what successful websites have in common, is to compare and analyse their Ranking Factors. It’s not always easy to take the leap from analysing the SERPs to developing practical measures for website optimisation. This talk tells you how to make use of ranking factors and how to make data the foundation of your digital strategy.

Marie Haynes

Super Practical Nuggets from Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines

If you are looking for ways to improve website quality and rankings by looking at examples from the Google’s Quality Raters’ Guildlines – you will find this presentation extremely useful. Marie shares her knowledge and expertise on search algorithms she acquired throughout her consulting journey.

Luke Sherran

Video ranking factors in YouTube

In Luke’s presentation he examined the key ranking factors when it comes to ranking on YouTube and gave tips to increase opportunities within the world’s second largest search engine.

Rand Fishkin

The Future of SEO is on the SERP

“Google used to have two users. Content creators and searchers. Now they only have one… @randfish #BrightonSEO…September 28, 2018”.

As Google answers an increasing percentage of queries in the results, affecting the traffic to other websites, listen to what Rand Fishkin has to say when it comes to thinking about how we can influence search audiences through Google. A big part of SEO’s future will be on the SERP rather than driving traffic to websites.

We hope that our summary has aroused your curiosity and helped you and given you some useful insights to help you in your SEO efforts! We look forward to attending this event again and seeing you in April 2019 at the next BrightonSEO!