BrightonSEO Live Stream Recording

As promised, here are the live stream recordings of Auditorium 1 at BrightonSEO. There really were some fantastic and hugely insightful talks this time around and we’re thrilled that we’re able to bring them to you once again…

Greg Gifford

Beetlejuice’s Guide to Entities and the Future of SEO

Google’s search algorithm is now based on entities and relationships. Greg sheds light, at BrightonSEO, on how SEO strategies need to change to account for this. Gain an understanding of how the local and mobile SEO landscape is changing and how Google My Business is the best way to inform Google of your business entity information.

Tim Soulo
Rethinking The Fundamentals of Keyword Research With The Insights From Big Data

Tim presents a case study at BrightonSEO that questions conventional keyword research tactics. His data-driven study is presented along with some key marketing best practices.

Sal Mohammad

Why AI will be a key part of your team, not a replacement

A Search Marketer’s time is a valuable asset and there is no longer time to do tasks manually. Sal talks at BrightonSEO about how AI has integrated into the many tools we use these days to maximise time and make paid advertising faster and more effective. But does it? Is it an opportunity or is it a threat?

Ahmed Khalifa

Making Captions Beautiful (and Searchable) to Improve Video Experience

Ahmed talks at BrightonSEO about how captions are, more often than not, forgotten about when creating video content. It’s not just about retyping what’s being said, it’s about capturing the story as it’s being told.

Catherine ‘Pear’ Goulbourne

How to find content gaps when you don’t speak the language

Have you ever wanted to market in a country that doesn’t speak your language but have no clue how to get started? Have a listen to Catherine’s talk at BrightonSEO and see how you can identify the content gaps and SEO content opportunities in any market.

Steph Whatley
How to ‘SEO’ forums, communities and UGC

Steph tells us about how she gets through the challenges of user generated content. She highlights the challenges and illustrates how it can impact SEO efforts at BrightonSEO.

Rory Truesdale

Mining the SERPs: How to make the SERPs a powerful weapon in your SEO armoury

Rory tends to think that the SERPs are one of the most underutilized resources that an SEO has at their disposal. He talks about how SEOs can mine content in the SERPs for insights and unearth topical trends.

Paige Hobart

SERP Features Glossary

Paige Hobart shares an ever-growing glossary of all the SERP features in the UK SERPs right now, where to find them, and what their impact could be on your organic listing.

Antony Robinson

Building a Brand With Local SEO: The Factors That Create Effortless Online-Offline User Journeys

Antony focuses his talk on how to build and implement a successful local SEO strategy.

Jamie Alberico

Think Like a Bot, Rank Like a Boss: How Googlebot Renders

Jamie takes you on a journey to experience site content as Googlebot. You’ll learn how the web crawler builds a page, ways to improve the search engine’s understanding, and tactics to navigate the divide between HTML and DOM.

Dan Taylor

How serverless technologies can help SEOs overcome legacy (and modern) tech obstacles

Serverless and edge technologies offer us as SEOs the opportunity to overcome technical obstacles on legacy (and modern) tech stacks. Through “edge SEO”, we can implement technical fixes through the CDN without affecting the underlying codebase and tech stack, often overcoming insurmountable obstacles.

Aysun Akarsu

Web Server Logs As Technical SEO Key Data Source

Aysun takes you through the questions she thinks of when she thinks of web server logs as key data sources for technical SEO.

Dave Trott

Complicated is stupid

People think complicated things are clever but the opposite is true.

We hope you enjoyed these videos! We certainly enjoy live streaming the event…

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