The real benefits of Social Media

February 28, 2013By SeanHearnMiscellaneous, Social Media

Is social media the great equaliser for today’s marketers? Anyone who has studied a marketing degree (or degree with a marketing component) will tell you of the importance and value of understanding consumer behaviour, more specifically, your potential consumers’ decision making process that leads them to purchase behaviour. Tapping into this decision making criteria is somewhat … Read More

The SEO-uper Bowl!

February 1, 2013By Matt O'TooleMiscellaneous

There’s a fairly big sporting event taking place this Sunday in the USA. Whilst the day to day popularity of this particular sport may be focused on the States, there’s no doubt this Sunday’s event will reach a worldwide audience. With that in mind (and considering it’s "#Factoid Friday"), I thought I’d publish a little … Read More

Interview with Steve Lock

January 15, 2013By AnnaMiscellaneous

An interview with Steve Lock, former Product Manager here at Analytics SEO and current Digital Producer at GPMD. We talk to Steve about his favourite and least favourite aspects of SEO, how he gets clients to understand the value of SEO, the most common errors that he sees site owners make, his advice for people trying … Read More

Interview with Nick Garner

January 11, 2013By AnnaMiscellaneous

Here we have an interview with the charismatic Nick Garner, former Head of SEO at Unibet, now CEO of Searchworks. Nick talks about how he really wanted to be in the antiques business as a child, his foray into the world of sport and how he ended up in SEO. The reason why he hangs around … Read More

Interview with Ralph Tegtmeier

December 18, 2012By AnnaMiscellaneous

An interview with Ralph Tegtmeier, widely known as fantomaster and Founder of Content Mango. Ralph answers our questions on a range of topics around SEO and is fascinating as always. Specifically he talks to us about his new company Content Mango, why he loves SEO, his least favourite aspect of SEO, dealing with clients, common … Read More

Interview with Kristal Ireland

December 18, 2012By AnnaMiscellaneous

Interview with Kristal Ireland, Strategy Director at Enjoy Digital as part of our Top SEOs Interview series. Kristal talks to us about how she got into the industry, her favourite and least favourite aspects of being in SEO, advice for getting into SEO, the number of women in the industry, outsourcing dfferent aspects of marketing, the … Read More

Interview with Alex Moss

December 17, 2012By AnnaMiscellaneous

We’re getting in the festive spirit here at Analytics SEO so we’re sharing with you yet another video from our Top SEOs interview series; here we have an interview with Alex Moss, Technical Director at 3 Door Digital. Alex talks about how he got into the industry, his least favourite aspects of SEO, practical advice on … Read More

Interview with Ned Poulter

December 17, 2012By AnnaMiscellaneous

Yet another addition to our Top SEOs Interview Series; here we have an interview with Ned Poulter, SEO Manager at Quirk London and prolific blogger. Here Ned answers questions on how he got into SEO, why he loves SEO, and lots of practical advice on how he goes about beginning an SEO project and getting his … Read More