Content Marketing Director – How does the Authoritas platform benefit you?

Why use the Authoritas platform if you’re a Content Marketing Director?

Content Marketing DirectorAs a Content Marketing Director, you have a lot to think about as you’ll be in charge of the the full cycle of your organization’s content activities.

Building your content strategy

Building a content strategy for even the most experienced content director can be a daunting task. It is important to evaluate your current communication strategies and understand how the business is moving forward to build the most effective strategy.

You’ll be spearheading the content strategy decisions, and it’s important that these decisions are powered by data as well as industry knowledge. The Authoritas platform helps you ensure that your content production schedule targets the opportunities that are most likely to bring in the highest level of potential ROI.

Ensuring team buy-in

It’s also essential that your team understands and buys-in to why should be writing about particular topics and sees the true impact of their activities. Here at Authoritas we’ll  help to ensure that your team buys into the agreed strategy and that you’re all firing in the same direction, confident that the approach you’re honing along the way is the optimum one.

But it’s not just your direct team. Other departments in your organization can of course assist you with your strategy. It’s important to take those suggestions on-board, but be intelligent about the ones that you actually use. The Authoritas platform can also act as a filter though which you can sieve all the content suggestions, ensuring that only the most relevant and potentially profitable ones make it through to production.

Hitting the right audience

It is of course also paramount to not only include the right topic, but ensure that your content resonates with your target prospect. This is where your own customer research, buyer personas and the Authoritas platform needs to blend together to ensure that your desired conversion rates are realized, and your user experience stats also end up having a positive impact on your SEO.

Utilizing Authoritas as a Content Marketing Director

Authoritas can help you stay focused in a world where content marketing opportunities hit you from all angles. It’s so easy to get distracted by the next bright and shiny thing. The Authoritas platform will help you check whether or not an opportunity might be worthwhile getting involved in. But more importantly, it will help you plan for the long-term, moving from a reactive content production approach to a strategic, planned approach based upon relevancy and projected return.

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