Why use the Authoritas platform if you’re a Content Marketing Executive?

Content Marketing ExecutiveWhether it is your first time in the role as a Content Marketing Executive, or you have a few years of experience under your belt, like any position, there will be aspects of the job that require you to receive a little more direction than other areas.

Although everyone likes a challenge, our Market Share offering is here to make your life that little bit easier. The platform can give structure and direction to your content writing and help you achieve your goals, so you’re not guessing about what you should write next.

Implementing and actioning a content strategy

In any role, being able to work independently is a key asset, which your managers will appreciate greatly. And our Market Share module will help you show initiative by showing you exactly what you should be writing about next, allowing you to focus on producing the content.

Using the Authoritas platform can give you the power to define the topics of which you should be writing about, without worrying about whether you’re concentrating on the areas that are most likely to be best for the business. Of course you’ll be directed by a manager, but it makes much more sense for you to understand from a commercial perspective why the content that you are going to be writing about has been selected.

The involvement that Market Share in the Authoritas platform gives you in the strategy side of things should also make your job much more enjoyable, and at the same time assist you with moving forward in your career more rapidly.

But it’s not just our Market Share module that will assist you. Use the Authoritas Task Management functionality to clearly assign yourself (or your colleagues – if necessary) activities to do to realize your objectives. These can be specific (for upcoming tasks) or general (for tasks that may be slightly further down the road).

Obtain suggestions for your new content

You don’t have to concern yourself with brainstorming new content ideas. Inside the Authoritas platform’s Market Share you’ll find all the content suggestions you require – ordered by a projected ROI forecast. In this section of the platform you can see the pages that your competitors are ranking for, what they aren’t ranking for and the optimum opportunities for future targeting.

It’s not just about publishing new pages

Optimizing the content that is currently on your site should be one of your initial priorities. Check out Authoritas‘ Pages section which will guide you through cleaning up your current content:

Use the Unindexed Pages module to see details of URLs which are not indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is advisable to review these in order to see if you have your most important content indexed properly.

The Top Pages module will show you your most shared and linked-to pages on your site. As you can see we import a lot of data from Majestic and also obtain a lot of social sharing data from Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon.

The Content Analysis module analyzes your site’s use of Meta Data. This enables you to identify keyword use in your meta data (i.e. in title tags and meta descriptions). You can also use this data to help you identify any potential duplicate content issues with your website by using the duplicate filter and reviewing any pages lacking a canonical URL value. We also report on thin content or low text count by giving you a word count for each URL.

The Image Errors module gives a breakdown of the images on a site which are lacking an ‘alt tag’. We give a preview of each image so you can quickly figure out which ones they are and optimize them accordingly.

A content marketing executive needs Authoritas too!

As the organization’s content executive, it’s not only your responsibility to produce great content, but to also help create, and implement the content strategy across all necessary platforms. Authoritas’ Market Share offering can help you write more targeted content; and the task management tool can assist you in your workload going forward. Use the platform every day to maximize your productivity.

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