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AI Content Assistant – Beta Live

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Looking for new ways to produce more content, more efficiently? (Who isn’t?) Authoritas has designed a new module to help with just that. Our new AI Content Assistant tool will…

SEO Success Case Study:

The Importance of a Holistic Approach and Clear Communication to SEO Success   1.0 Summary of SEO Results Digital PR and Local SEO worked together to improve the authority of…

Product Update: November 2021

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Just a quick summary of some of the progress we’ve made this month in supporting and developing our API and our platform products. Page Structure API We’ve made some significant…

Product Update: December 2021

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SERPs API – support for ‘Articles’ The SERPs API is a backbone product for our business and I’ve always been particularly proud of the way we manage this particular product.…

Web Accessibility and SEO

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The aim of accessibility is to ensure that as many people as possible can use websites in a way that works for them.  Accessibility and digital inclusion are really broad…

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