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Authoritas dashboard

Competitive Analysis

The value of organic search results for different keywords important to your business are connected not only within the ranking system, but by changing customer behaviour. Our platform connects these elements to find your top 100 competitors.
The Authoritas platform gives you unique insight into measuring the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors by clustering big data sets. This offers an increased awareness of how your traffic figures can be improved with an estimated ROI.

Content Marketing Strategy

Taking the guesswork out of content marketing is our principal objective.  All too often a huge amount of resources will go into the production of good quality content, only to find that traffic and conversion rates are unaffected.
With a full understanding of your competitor’s market share, our platform will suggest what kind of content you will need to produce with estimated traffic growth and ROI figures.  Committing to an effective content strategy is now made easier with our predictive data.

Domain performance

SEO Performance & Strategy

Search engine optimization continues to enhance the key practices required to keep your site competitive within the organic results.  Our crawl data and technical site audits provide a unique combination of insights to optimize your SEO performance.
The ever-changing nature of SEO means that yesterday’s strategy and performance will need to be updated as search engine algorithms are modified.  Making sure your content is seen and prioritized by search engines require that SEO strategies consistently move with these changes.

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