3 eCommerce Essentials for Conversion Optimization - The connection between SEO, CMS, and Product Discovery, Search & Recommendations

Looking for new ways to grow organic traffic and conversion rates for your eCommerce store?

Tune into this panel discussion about the essential tools and strategies for eCommerce businesses to utilise to improve customer journeys and ultimately conversion rates!

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eCommerce Webinar Invitation

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    Topics to be Covered:

    • Understand the challenges businesses face that prevent website visitors from turning into customers.
    • Utilize market intelligence to increase visibility and optimize web and product pages at scale to keep customers engaged.
    • Gathering insights to understand consumer behavior to make strategic content and merchandising decisions.
    • Implementation of omnichannel & unified commerce strategies, personalizing the customer experience to deliver the right information and products at the right time on any device.
    • Democratization of AI to power search and recommendations and offer big data insights to merchandisers.

    Hear from our expert speakers!

    Laurence O'Toole

    Laurence O’Toole

    CEO at Authoritas

    An entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in consumer and B2B internet product development, sales, and marketing. His experience includes spells in corporate life with Fujitsu & Thomson Directories and in the last couple of years his own boot-strapped ventures. Along the way, he’s built a successful online directory and PPC platform for SMEs, successfully partnering with Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. He’s developed downloadable golf lessons with famous golf coaches and finally started playing respectable golf! His current venture Authoritas is a big data science-driven SaaS platform for Content Marketing and SEO Professionals worldwide.

    Roland Gossage

    CEO, GroupBy Inc

    Roland leads the overall vision, strategy, operations, and development of GroupBy to create a fundamentally better experience for eCommerce shoppers. Roland is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, services, operations, and development in the enterprise software industry. His previous roles included Endeca, Cognos, Hummingbird Communications, and Pure Data. Prior to his career in software, Roland was a member in the Royal Canadian Armored Corps.

    Marc Buschler

    Product Manager E-Commerce, Crownpeak

    Marc is responsible for all commerce related product management topics at Crownpeak. His goal is to enable B2B & B2C companies to create inspiring experiences for their customers. In his 10+ years of experience in the ecommerce industry he has been in several product and project leading roles in different industries. He was involved in building the first and, also award winning, smartphone apps in the tourism industry (Expedia and TUI) as well as responsible for ecommerce optimization and relaunches of two of Europe’s biggest retailers, C&A a global fashion company (1400 stores) and Rossmann biggest drug store in Europe (2500 stores).

    Carrie Tharp

    VP Cloud Retail, Google Cloud

    Carrie Tharp is the VP of Retail & Consumer at Google Cloud. Carrie is responsible for creating and executing Google Cloud’s global product, partner, and go-to-market strategy in the Retail industry – helping Retail & Consumer businesses unlock the power of the Cloud, ML/AI to drive value for their businesses and improve customer experiences. Previous to Google, Carrie has a broad range of experience in the retail sector through a range of CXO roles across different segments.

    Photo Credit: Oxana Melis on Unsplash