Head of Digital – How does the Authoritas platform benefit you?

Why use the Authoritas platform if you’re a Head of Digital?

Head of DigtialAs Head of Digital it’s often the case that you’re juggling multiple balls such as leading your multi-disciplined team to drive eCommerce initiatives, planning and managing global campaigns and ensuring that all members of your team have access to the best tools for their specific roles. That’s why it’s paramount that the software and systems that you select and implement helps to make your life as efficient as possible.

The Authoritas platform is not just for your core SEO specialists. Anyone in your team who has any involvement with content marketing or organic search presence will find that their role will be dramatically enhanced due to the ongoing use of our software.

Work with your agency to get the results you want

However, it’s not just you and your direct reports. When you start sharing your business KPIs in the platform, and you share platform access with your agencies, that’s when all the key parties involved start working much more efficiently as a team.

The project management module inside the Authoritas platform is you can monitor on a step-by step basis how your team and your agencies are doing on a daily or weekly basis when it comes to working towards the agreed objectives.

Pinpoint the optimum content marketing opportunities

All to often the decision making process when it comes to producing new content for your website comes down to gut instinct. However, just because your content marketers have been working for your business for the past couple of years doesn’t mean that they’re prioritizing their content marketing writing activities correctly.

But there’s no excuses when your team are harnessing the power of Market Share brought to you by Authoritas. Become aware of the content that’s doing best for your top 100 competitors – use our platform to pinpoint where the new content writing opportunities lie based upon relevancy, opportunity and projected ROI.

Making it a lot easier to get your stakeholders on-board

The challenge with content marketing activities over the previous few years was that its success hasn’t been nearly as measurable as paid online advertising. This meant that historically vast swathes of digital marketing budgets were swallowed up by platforms such as Google AdWords. However, due to insight discoverable inside the Authoritas platform this needn’t be the case in the future.

Because your future content writing decision-making will be so much easier to justify to all of your stakeholders, you and your team will spend less time agonizing over strategy, and more time doing. Resulting in a happier, more productive workforce.

Top level management

And of course if your team is happier, your managerial workload just became a whole lot lighter. You can then spend more time researching and planning for the long term, safe in the knowledge that the present is going to get taken care of as it should be.

Here to help you every step of the way

Although the Authoritas platform should bring a new level of satisfaction and insight to your working environment, like any new set of systems, you need to allow a bit of time for everything to bed in. and that’s where our initial training comes in. Try to ensure that all of your team members who will be using the platform attend each training session so that they fully understand how it will make their lives more enjoyable, easier and more productive. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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