Head of SEO – How does the Authoritas platform benefit you?

Why use the Authoritas platform if you’re a Head of SEO?

Head of SEO

Head of SEO has to lead and motivate a team of SEOs and keep many other business stakeholders happy, all alongside achieving monthly SEO objectives and demonstrating ROI.

It’s a challenging role that is often under-valued. As SEOs we’ve all been there – the CEO wants to show stakeholders that the company website is on the first page of the SERPs, but gets frustrated when the keywords being optimized don’t bring in as much traffic as expected. Educating C-levels that longer tail keywords and working on organic brand reach sometimes takes time and effort is tough, but this is where the Authoritas platform can help.

Dealing with lack of SEO knowledge in your organization

It’s important to work with your manager to create realistic expectations – and this is where the Authoritas platform is particularly strong. We’ll help you provide your senior managers with a projected ROI-based action plan, talking the kind of language that they understand. By using our platform to forecast future unique visitors, conversion rates and conversion revenue, you’ll be able to paint a very clear picture of the value that your future SEO campaigns could deliver.

Training your colleagues on using a new platform

As a Head of SEO you’ll be used to delivering lengthy training sessions, firstly to help you own team’s knowledge and secondly to build a stronger understanding of SEO within your organization. While you will be still doing a lot of the future strategic SEO training, the good news is that you’ll be able to rely on us to ensure that your team are comfortable at using the Authoritas platform, so you can let us take the reins on what you know best.

Also, as Head of SEO we’ve love to build a long-term relationship with you – you may wish to become an Authoritas brand ambassador or perhaps be start of your platform steering committee. At the very least it would be great to have you on as a guest on our weekly show, TWiO.

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