Influencer Discovery

Discover the lead writers, authors and influencers in your industry and easily integrate your SEO and content marketing efforts with your PR and outreach strategies.

Build mutually beneficial relationships and gain new backlinks, social shares, affiliates and win market share.

Discover Influencers

See who they write for and how they rank.

Rank Influencers by Authority

Prioritise who you contact by their estimated traffic.

Find Relevant Partners

Search by relevant keywords to refine your approach to target specific niches.

Find the People that Matter Most to Google and to You

Connect with key influencers, the super-spreaders that can supercharge the reach of your content and help you reach more buyers.

  • Prioritize the people that already rank for relevant topics to get that extra boost
  • Build relationships and attract more links and social shares
  • Discover new writers for your blog to boost your Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT)
  • Invest your SEO and PR efforts building relationships with the people search engines believe matter most
Website authors and influencer discovery tool

Discover the Authors Behind Popular Content

Entity Search uncovers the people behind the content that ranks.

26 Countries >30mn Influencers >125mn Keywords

  • Find the leading magazines, websites and influential sites in your industry
  • Search our database of over 30mn Influencers in 26 countries
  • See how they rank from our commercial keyword database of >125mn keywords
  • Search by multiple keywords that are relevant to your niche
  • Refine by specific domains to find influencers for key titles
Discobver lists of authors and influencers
Prioritise influencers to contact

The People You Need To Know

Include the people that are trusted and topical authorities in your outreach and PR campaigns and add a new dimension to your SEO outreach, PR and social media planning activities.

Prioritise authors in a variety of different ways to find the ones most relevant to you:

  • Rank by the number of keywords they rank for that match your search terms
  • Rank by the estimated organic visibility for these matched keyword search terms
  • Sort by the total number of keywords that this author ranks for – a great measure of overall audience reach
  • Look for prominent authors by the average rank of their ranking keywords

Organise your Outreach

  • Find the contact and their social profiles and add them to your contact database
  • Discover the websites they write for
  • Look at their connections
  • Estimate their organic visibility for all known keywords and the subset that match your search terms
  • Evaluate their ranking pages and keywords by estimated organic visibility and search volume

FAQs about Influencer Discovery

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