Keyword Rank Tracking and Keyword Intelligence

Real User ‘Look-a-like’ Service

We use a real anonymous web browser to emulate a real user and improve data accuracy.

Flexible Keyword Rank Tracking

Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly Rankings via the User Interface or SERPs API

Global and Hyperlocal

We cover every major search engine and language worldwide and can geolocate to a building

Accurate, fast, flexible and insightful rank-tracking data globally.

We have been collecting keyword data since 2009 and know what it takes to collect accurate keyword ranking and SERP data at scale.

Global Search Engine Coverage

Keyword Ranking Software Tools

Suffice to say we support all the major search engines in the major markets and languages they serve.

  • Google (Web Search and Google Local)
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex
  • Baidu
  • Naver
  • Seznam
  • Sogou

User Intent

We have a unique algorithm that analyses the SERP for every keyword to give you a keyword intent score showing you what we believe Google thinks the user intent is.

  • Navigational
  • Informational
  • Research (commercial)
  • Transactional

We give you a score across all categories and an overall Dominant User Intent flag.  We also have a flag showing whether there is Local Intent for a keyword

Read more about how our user intent algorithm for SEO works on the blog and our thoughts on this topic.

Competitor rankings

Keyword Search Volumes

We automatically add estimated search volumes and CPC (Cost-per-click) to the keywords you research and track in the platform using Google AdWords.

You can also customise this data and over-write it with your own search volume data, CPC and custom CTR% (click-thru rate) to give you more control when you are looking at SEO Visibility, Share of Search% and SEO Forecasting modules and metrics in the platform.

Over 40 Major Universal SERP Features

Above the Fold
Answer Box – All
Answer Box – Table
Local Business Listing
People Also Search For
Refine By
Stock Prices
Travel Finder
Ads (Top & Bottom)
Answer Box – List
Flight Finder
Job Finder
Mobile Friendly
Research Guides
Related Searches
Super Universal
Answer Box – Paragraph
Currency Converter
Event Finder
Hotel Finder
Knowledge Panel
News (Top Stories)
People Also Ask
Sitelinks (AKA Brand)

Hyperlocal Rankings – Beyond Zip code to the Building

Over the past decade, we have established our own private network infrastructure, servers and proxies in major international markets.  It also means we can geolocate our search engine queries much better than most alternative SEO data API providers.

We do not use any SEO tricks like convoluted URL parameters in the query string to Google and other search engines.  E.g. UULE parameters and the “&near= command used by many other tools).

This gives us an unrivalled ability to geolocate using decimal latitude and longitude to the building level (not just the postcode/zip code or town).

Track page cannibalisation

Manage Ranking Flux and Keyword Cannibalisation

  • Identify, manage, and optimize similar keywords and pages
  • See all of the pages which rank (and have ranked, over time) for a given keyword
  • Identify when and where ranking flux, or keyword cannibalisation is occurring

Accurate Traffic Forecasting

  • Turn ranking data into better, smarter forecasts.
  • Use smarter, more accurate forecasts to communicate the business of SEO and content marketing
  • Access easy-to-use, one-click forecasts for channels, groups and page forecasting with scenario and through-time analysis baked in
  • Control the formula and drive forecasts with transparent and flexible forecasting models

Read more about how to predict the ROI from your SEO campaigns with our SEO forecasting tool.

Flexible process for calculating SEO forecasts
How to setup a keyword rank tracking campaign screenshot

Easy to Use, Fast to Set Up

  • Track and report on what matters fast
  • Retain historic ranking data by importing it for data security and reporting continuity
  • Add new keywords from Visibility Explorer or external sources in just a few clicks
  • Use the latest search volume and CPC data supplied by Authoritas or add and supplement with your own

All the Essential Keyword Rank Tracking Functionality You Should Expect

  • Tag keywords easily for better analysis and reporting
  • Automate market analysis and share of search% reporting
  • Filter on everything from universal results to tags and ranking ranges to ranking pages for better insights
  • Track your competitors and see who’s winning and losing for all or specific groups of keywords
  • Track through-time to make trend reporting easy
  • Integrate with reporting components that output to tables and charts in Excel and PDF
Keyword data for Share of Voice for SEO
SEO Visibility Chart over time

Advanced SEO Visibility Tools Using Ranking Data

Unique to Authoritas are two keyword ranking tools that give you a real competitive edge.

Project Visibility – Track your SEO Visibility by keyword tag for the keywords in your project.  Analyse multiple competitors and aggregate custom groups of websites for deep insights into your niche.

Visibility Explorer – access our unique international keyword database and research monthly keyword ranking data on any domain worldwide for free.

FAQs about Keyword Ranking Data & Tools

Can we help?

If you are interested in trying these SEO tools for your sites, then please book a brief call with one of our platform experts to explore whether we have what you need.

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