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Get an unprecedented view of your market share by analysing your organic performance against the top 100 competitors in your niche.

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No other SEO tool benchmarks your performance against your top 100 competitors

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We support markets of several million keywords

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Benchmark your organic market share and growth for the market as you define it

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SEO Market Share Analysis

Using the latest graph database technology and machine learning algorithms, our platform provides insights not found elsewhere:

• Unparalleled market intelligence and segmentation across 26 markets and languages
• Benchmark the $ value of your organic traffic and your growth against the industry
• Observe naturally occurring clusters of websites, pages and keywords in the SERPs
• Research the top 100 competing sites to discover keyword and content ideas
• SWOT analysis to show off the areas of greatest potential return
• Focus your content creation efforts in areas with the optimum ROI

This works in conjunction with our Content Strategy module to take content gap analysis to a new level.

SEO Share of Voice over time

An Accurate Share of Search Calculation

Most SEO tools take a primitive approach to analysing Share of Search.  It’s either based on too few keywords (e.g. Just your ranking keywords) or too many (e.g. Including all of Amazon or eBay’s keywords not just the relevant ones).

We define your market as:

  • The pages and keywords that your site ranks for
  • The related pages and keywords that compete with you and with each other most often in the SERPs
  • We limit this to the top 100 competitors with the greatest amount of common SEO Visibility
  • This means you get the major players as well as the smaller niche players that are performing well
  • This means that you discover all the relevant keywords you should care about in one click

This is not only a solid baseline from which to track your SEO market share, it’s also a great way of automating your international SEO keyword research and competitive content gap analysis.

Assessing Market Size and Market Dynamics

You can automate a market analysis across 26 countries and answer the questions your CEO or CMO often has such as:

  • What is the size of the market in terms of keywords?
    • How many keywords are we ranking for on the first 3 pages of Google?
    • How many relevant keywords could we be ranking for?
  • What is the size of consumer demand?
    • What is the total search volume demand for your ranking keywords?
    • What is the total search volume demand for all relevant keywords?
  • What is our share of SEO Visibility?
    • What percentage of the market by Visibility Score do we command?
    • Is this trending upwards or downwards?
  • How big is the market?  
    • What is the USD($) value of my organic traffic?
    • What percentage of the market by value do we command?
    • Is this trending upwards or downwards?
  • How has the latest Google algorithm update affected our market share?
  • How much potential organic visibility can we go after?
List of supported countries
Top 100 Competitors comparison

Competitive Benchmarking & Targeting

In addition to comparing market share by visibility and value, you can also drill into specific competitors’ data.

  • Visualise the whole market to compare organic market share and relative popularity (a calculation based on backlink strength)
  • Discover competitors’ top-ranking pages which generate the Lion’s share of their website traffic
  • Discover competitors’ keywords that generate the most traffic
  • Discover keywords competitors are ranking for and you are not
  • Track key SEO KPIs in a competitor league table
  • Automatically monitor these metrics over time to gauge the success of your SEO campaigns

Detailed Insights into Niche Markets

Market Share is designed to provide unparalleled intelligence into the largest of markets. 

  • Start by analysing your site or a larger competitor
  • It works in B2B or B2C contexts
  • You can start at website/folder/ level for a more granular view of a niche
  • You can customise the market to give you exactly the view you can trust
Mine competitor's keywords
Custom exports of SEO data to BI Tools

Customisation Options

For our Enterprise clients we can really take a ‘no stone unturned approach’ and create the definitive view of a market.

  • Crawl your website and every competing website to discover all potential ranking pages
  • Discover every potential ranking keyword and question for these pages
  • Gather fresh search volumes from Google Keyword Planner for all keywords
  • Integrate Google Analytics eCommerce data to model potential SEO ROI and Revenues from predicted SEO changes

Differences from other Competitor Analysis Tools


The majority of SEO tools for competitive analysis limit the numbers of competitors you can analyse and take a primitive ‘Venn diagram’ approach to keyword discovery.  This allows you to find obvious ‘content gaps’; keywords that you are not ranking for where several competitors are ranking. 

  • We compare the top100 competitors against each other
  • This discovers the long-tail of content gaps
  • This removes keywords that major competitors rank for but are not topically relevant to you
  • This massively helps eCommerce sites who compete with major players like Amazon and eBay

“Authoritas offers a complete solution for creating effective SEO strategies. Their enterprise-level “big data” market analysis, combined with many tools for on-the-job SEO management mean they are the platform of choice for us. Their account management and responsiveness is also first rate.”

Ben Foster
Ben Foster
Managing Director, SEO Works

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