Marketing Director – How does the Authoritas platform benefit you?

Why use the Authoritas platform if you’re a Marketing Director?

Marketing DirectorIf you’re a Marketing Director, you’ll want to ensure that you use the Authoritas platform to help you set a workable strategy for your team to generate the best financial results from your content marketing campaigns. Set your new team off in the right direction and allow us to coach them to deliver these results, every time.

Interpreting the data

Authoritas helps you to gain a deep understanding of your site’s market, the competing sites, your potential partners, and your future content marketing opportunities. Gain competitive insights and a thorough understanding of consumer demand by category/niche.

Our reporting functionality allows you to generate reports in whatever manner suits – PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and CSV reports are all available. Included are placeholder cover pages and executive summaries, enabling you to extract key points of data for immediate analysis. All reports can be scheduled to be sent to your email, and produced as regularly as you require.

Training new starters

You need to be comfortable in the understanding that all your specialist new starter training is taken care of, and we can ensure that all of your new starters have the knowledge they require to manage your SEO campaigns.

Of course that’s addition to your existing staff – we’ll also make sure that they keep up to speed with any new platform updates that can be utilized to enhance your organic search marketing success.

During these sessions your Authoritas trainer will provide an in-depth overview of the platform and go through all existing and new features. We’ll also make sure that any training that we deliver is practical and tailored to your specific requirements. It’s in both of our interests for you to be maximizing your use of the platform.

Some of your team members may even be interested in becoming an Authoritas Platform Ambassador – allowing them to train new colleagues within your business moving forward (and of course updating everyone in your team with our new features). Once this senior user is fully up to speed, they will be invited to the Authoritas steering committee which allows them to provide feedback on our latest developments prior to launch, and see areas of our road-map going forward, ensuring your business has regular input into future platform developments.

Either way, the task of training a new user should not be a chore, and here at Authoritas, we’re here to help get all of your users up to speed, becoming productive, efficient members of your SEO and content marketing team as soon as possible.

Working collaboratively with your agency

Are you currently working with an agency, or are in the process of choosing a new one?

Here at Authoritas, we think of our service department as a permanent extension of your own team. That is why we can also provide your agency with user access to the platform (to specific sites if needs be) and offer additional training sessions so they also know the platform inside out, ensuring that everyone is strategically aligned.

We encourage everyone to work together to ensure that campaigns are tracking the correct keywords and competitors, and that the reports delivered are exactly what you require to enhance your strategy and share with the rest of your management team.

We can support your agency or your business internally with setting up these campaigns in the correct manner. You will also be able to review your agency’s progress through the task management feature – to see which areas of your site they are working on and to determine whether or not they’ve achieved the actions required. It is of course important to ensure that your KPIs and business goals are understood by your agency, these can be added to the Authoritas dashboard as a clear reminder of your ultimate objectives.

Working with an agency can be wonderful – or it can be challenging. And it’s vital that there is good communication between the two parties – the better an agency understands the client, the more likely it will be that synergy occurs.

Authoritas is here to make your SEO and content marketing digital life that much easier, enabling you to work faster, and smarter. We look forward to assisting in the future!

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