Upgraded Platform and Features Webinar

Do you want to find the key content gaps for your site and clients?

Do you want to see who has the highest market share in your industry?

Discover how you can beat your competitors

Do all of the above and more by watching the webinar!

Sam Ruddy

Account Manager at Authoritas

Raphaël Cassaigne

Account Manager EMEA at Authoritas

Tina Mohan

Account Manager at Authoritas

Join our three client success managers as they walk through some key features of the Authoritas platform, including…

  • New features including User Intent and additional Universal Result tracking plus our new visibility module called Project Visibility that helps you to get your share of voice on your market or by segment
  • The People Also Ask Explorer feature to find out what the market is asking and write the content accordingly
  • The new forecasting tool to help you predict potential uplifts to traffic and conversions, by optimising your existing ranking positions
  • The insights with the “Market Winners Report” allowing you to see competitor opportunities
  • New dashboards that are easy to create so you can have multiple summary views of your projects