Platform API

Platform API (Site Auditing & Crawling – XML/RPC)

When using the Authoritas Platform API, you can add and edit your sites directly in our platform (or programatically via the APIs) and you can then extract site auditing, crawling, keyword ranking and backlink data.

You can use the APIs to find SEO problems with thousands of sites in one go. A simple call to this API will analyze a domain; and in less than 1 minute give you enough information to evaluate a website’s optimization versus two competitors. You can use this method to analyze your own sites, competitor sites, customer sites or prospective client sites to give you a broad initial understanding of how a site is performing in relation to other industry players.

Our Site Auditing & Crawling API allows you to add sites to our platform for daily technical site checks, weekly link analysis, site crawls and daily or weekly keyword ranking checks. We identify the problems we find and return them to you upon request. This is ideal if you want to outsource the collection, analysis and crawling of a large volume of sites on an ongoing basis.

Find the API Documentation here.