Platform API

Our Platform API works in conjunction with our SEO software platform and allows you to extract data from the sites and projects that your team is managing via the user interface.

Collect data for your SEO Dashboards

We’ve been collecting SEO data for over 10 years, let us do the leg-work for you.

Crawling, Keyword Ranking, SEO Visibility and Backlinks

Use the platform to manage the collection at scale of all your key SEO data.

High-performance API

Extract millions of pages or keyword rankings for thousands of sites.

APIs for SEO Dashboards and SEO Tools

Power BI SEO Report

The Authoritas Platform API is ideal for anyone with their own internal systems, marketing or SEO dashboards, who wants to outsource the collection of SEO data for hundreds or thousands of websites.  

You can even use it to power your own SEO tools, if you have thousands of clients you need to collect data for on a regular schedule.

Easy and efficient SEO report preview

Extract site auditing, crawling, keyword ranking and backlink data

Here’s just some of the SEO platform data that you can access:

  • Share of Search
  • Market Winners
  • Tag Analysis
  • Link Campaigns
  • Rank Tracking
  • Ranking configurations
  • Site crawl

Data can be exported in XML format or .CSV reports depending on which methods you request.

Platform API Documentation

You can find the latest documentation and examples of how to query our SEO Platform API here.

If you already have a platform account, then please use the button below to request an API key or contact your Client Success Manager.

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Example of API response data

FAQs about our SEO Platform APIs

Request an API Key

If you are interested in accessing our API then please book a brief call with one of our platform experts to explore whether we have what you need.

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