SEO Data Integrations

The Authoritas platform pulls together SEO data from many different sources into one SaaS platform, so that you can easily connect the dots and get insights that would be difficult to get yourself.

Unique Proprietary Data

Access our SEO database of over 125mn commercial keywords in 26 countries

Best-of-breed 3rd Party Data

All under one roof – Enhanced backlink data from Majestic, Google or Adobe Analytics, Google Search Console and Google AdWords for search volumes

Your Owned Data

Import historic keyword ranking data from other platforms and your own business metrics

Unique Proprietary Data

Authoritas big data integrations for SEO

We have been collecting and analysing data to power search engine optimisation campaigns since 2009.  We have a range of unique tools to gather data you’ll need and use in the Authoritas platform or want to access via our APIs:

  • Instant commercial keyword database of over 125mn keywords in 26 countries
  • Website crawler for finding technical SEO issues on your website
  • Crawler for spidering competitors’ sites to discover new keywords
  • Graphing, clustering and semantic algorithms for content gap analysis

Best-of-breed 3rd Party Data

We work with a number of trusted third parties and prominent industry sources of SEO data including:

  • Adobe Analytics – website analytics metrics
  • Google AdWords – search volume data for keywords and pages
  • Google Analytics – website analytics metrics
  • Google Search Console – data about Google search engine performance
  • Majestic – access over 3bn backlinks worldwide

Once you have securely granted access to your account using Oauth, we pull in your data from these third-party tools, enhance it, integrate it together, analyse it and present it back to you.

Your Owned Data

By combining your own in-house data with best of breed 3rd party data and our proprietary SEO data, we can give you additional practical insights and more useful reporting:

  • Export your old data from your previous SEO platform, import it and enhance it with unique meta data like Authoritas User Intent scores
  • Set targets for your SEO and Content Marketing campaigns using analytics metrics and real business metrics like revenue, conversions and potential margin
  • Use analytics data to help prioritize identified SEO issues
  • Produce one integrated report including all the key SEO, business and analytics data across all your sites
Export and import your keyword ranking data
SEO Visibility Chart over time

Fresh insights from Big SEO Data™

Save hundreds of pounds and hours of time toing and froing between multiple systems and toolsets, as we give you all the data you need in one place. 

We mash-up data from your website analytics data and webmaster tools data, with our crawl data and data from a number of best of breed data partners into one integrated cloud-based marketing platform.  This unique combination of data gives you the competitive advantage you need to optimise your SEO, social and content marketing efforts effectively.

Find out how this can help propel your SEO campaigns to new heights.

FAQs about our third-party SEO data integrations

Can we help?

If you are interested in trying these SEO tools for your sites, then please book a brief call with one of our platform experts to explore whether we have what you need.

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