SEO Forecasting

Make data-driven predictions to support your ROI forecasts.

This page provides traffic, value and conversion forecasts at keyword level, and can present a model showing how these factors would be affected by improved ranking performance, as either a static representation of ultimate potential, or a staggered, incremental view of how reaching this potential might look over time.

Build your SEO Business Case

Use the data we have in the platform to forecast the probably impact of your SEO campaign.

Model and Calculate your SEO ROI

It’s so simple.  Simply drag the sliders and use our simple or advanced SEO forecasting calculator.

Use Advanced Algorithms and Custom CTRs%

Forecast potential traffic gains and a staggered ROI based on how long you feel it will take you to achieve these higher rankings.

Inform Investments

How to forecast SEO ROI
  • Better forecasts inform smart investments
  • Show stakeholders what SEO could deliver for the business
  • Present high, medium and low scenarios to manage expectations and inspire confidence
  • Set through-time goals to show when you’re going to get there
  • Include a level of detail that inspires confidence

Prioritise Opportunity

  • Focus resources where the value is
  • Use grouped keywords to evaluate and prioritize opportunities
  • Invest your resources in the most valuable activities
  • Spend less time forecasting and more time doing
Flexible process for calculating SEO forecasts
Simple SEO Forecast

You control the Simple forecast by operating the two sliders to the top right of the table.

  • Get Summary Forecast data and detailed keyword level forecasts in a table
  • Select the number of months and weeks you’d like to see forecast data for going forward
  • You can also filter the contents by tag group and/or a text search

Simple SEO Forecasting

For each keyword you can see the Search volume and actual rank and ranking pages.

  • Forecast rank
  • Current (Estimated) Visits
  • Forecast monthly Visits
  • Current Media Value (PPC Cost for this organic traffic)
  • Forecast Media Value (PPC Cost for this organic traffic)
  • Conversion value (if you’ve assigned a Conversion Rate and Sale/Lead Value to the keyword or keyword tag)

Advanced SEO Forecasting

Our software attempts to provide more realistic results by applying a model when generating forecasts. This model can be customized if needed, and offers three scenarios: 

  • Low – A fairly conservative expectations of achievable rank
  • Medium – A reasonable assumption of what is likely to be achievable
  • High – This shows a best-case scenario given your current rank position

You’ll notice that the Forecast Rank column now presents three possible outcomes, each reflecting potential rank based on the High, Medium or Low scenario. 

Advanced Forecasting has all the same scenario controls and functionality in the Simple Forecasting model.  You can set a Low, Medium or High master scenario and override this manually for individual keywords to see on-the-fly updates in the table.

The table behaves as above, showing the projected impact of an incrementally improving rank upon the selected SEO metric over the selected time span.

Advanced Forecasting takes a different approach from Simple Forecasting in that takes into account how likely it is for a rank to be achieved. Jumping from ranking position 30 to position 5, for example, may be substantially easier than moving from 5 to 1.

Advanced SEO Forecasting Tool

FAQs about SEO Forecasting

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