Technical Auditing


Technical Site Health

No need to bother your IT Department

Avoid the common pitfalls that can blight poorly developed or configured websites with our daily technical health audit which checks that your website has the basics in place and reports on common errors.

Our automated site auditing tools analyze key setup and configuration files to ensure you are not making any glaring schoolboy errors. Human error, incompetence or negligence can all cause unexpected problems – and we’ve seen them all!

Our automated daily website audit alerts you with colour-coded issues covering; Page Load time, Robots.txt, HTML Sitemap, XML Sitemap, Unfriendly URLs, Custom 404 pages and Canonical Hostnames.

Domain performance
Domain performance

Indexation Health

Are you where you should be?

The search engines have found your site but are they indexing your content? Are you listed in all the major search engines and their local versions?
Simple daily checks give you peace of mind and interactive charts allow you to see how your site compares to your competition.

Crawl Health

Can the search engines find your content?

We’ve invested heavily in our proprietary spidering technology to crawl your website like a search engine bot. We call our spider “Curious George” and he tries to find spider traps and website configuration errors that can stop your content getting found.

Track the number of pages we crawl every week, find dead links (4XX errors), server errors (5XX errors), temporary 302 and permanent 301 redirects, duplicate, missing or short meta tags, images missing ALT tags, pages with low word counts and more.

Domain performance

Google Webmaster Tools

Mash-up crawl data from Google with our crawl data

Authorize access to the Google Webmaster Tools API and we’ll give you the best of both worlds to help you seek out and fix every last crawl error or content issue

Dead links (4XX errors) and Server errors (5XX errors)


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