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Sam Ruddy

Account Manager at Authoritas

Raphaël Cassaigne

Account Manager EMEA at Authoritas

Tina Mohan

Account Manager at Authoritas
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A few of our new features

The FAQ Explorer

Understanding consumer intent throughout the buyer journey is becoming increasingly important in the SEO world today. We need to understand why the consumer is searching in order to provide them with the most useful information. If we get this right, we’re more likely to rank in Google’s featured snippets answer boxes. This is why we have developed our FAQ Explorer – it extracts the top 30 results of People Also Ask section of the SERPs, allowing you to understand what users are searching for.

Visibility Explorer

We’ve collected data for over 120 million keywords from 27 different countries. This data produces a comprehensive universal rankings analysis which allows you to identify Direct Answer as well as People Also Ask among others. It also allows you to query an unlimited number of domains and download hundreds of thousands of queries.

Project Visibility

This is a feature that we are super excited about that is currently in beta and not available to everyone yet. We will be demonstrating it at BrightonSEO because it’s too good not to! Our Campaign Visibility module drills down and shows data from a specified campaign and has client specific data (tags, keyword groups, specified competitors etc.)