BrightonSEO Live Stream Registration

We’re in unprecedented times. As SEOs we are all working from home (WFH). This is isolating for some, but noisier for others with kids home from school. Either way, work feels very different right now. Our favourite events like BrightonSEO have been cancelled but we can still stay connected.

We are launching ‘Tea Time SEO’ as a way to bring those who are working (and living) alone together. We are encouraging people to take a short 15 minute break, have a cup of tea and cake, learn actionable tips from the experts on a variety of SEO topics. This will take place daily at 4pm BST (at tea time, of course!) starting on the 30th of March.

Don’t feel isolated, join the live stream at 4pm BST every day. Hear from up to 3 experts in our industry and ask them questions in the Q&A. 

WFH, Connect, Learn – Sign up below to take part

Watch September's Full Recording Here

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