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The world's first Google SGE Rank Tracker is now live in the platform!
AI Overviews are transforming the SERPs. The best SEOs are adapting already with early access to SGE insights.  Join them.

Customers working well with us

We enjoy working with seasoned SEO teams focused on growing organic traffic for major eCommerce sites, international brands and the SEO and digital marketing agencies that serve them.

seo for ecommerce sites

Learn about our SEO software and Content Marketing solutions for eCommerce brands.

Discover how we helped PriceMinister increase their organic search visibility by 41% in less than 3 months.

multinational seo dashboards for enterprises

Leading Global SEO Leads and European Heads of SEO managing hundreds of international websites use our SEO software platform to orchestrate and implement global and local SEO strategies with their local SEO teams and agencies.

seo agency software

Discover how award winning digital agencies like Merkle, Mindshare and iProspect use our platform to manage successful SEO content marketing campaigns and take a data-driven approach to winning new clients in competitive pitches.

All this in a single
SEO Platform

Having all the essential SEO tools a team needs allows you to focus on high value activities that deliver SEO results.

Keyword Research and Ranking Tools

We understand that you need the most accurate SEO ranking data you can get.  We've been delivering accurate SEO data for keyword research and keyword rankings since 2009.

Technical SEO Tools

You can setup our crawler to spider your website to find SEO issues that need resolving and analyse Core Web Vitals.

SEO Strategy & Planning Tools

Outreach & Link Building Tools

Drive higher rankings with a higher quality backlink profile. Discover relevant influencers in your niche and use our link building tools to improve efficiency of your link building campaigns.

Customer Success Stories

We would love to replicate this kind of SEO success with you.

Why choose our SEO software?

We appreciate you are probably already working with one (or more) other SEO technologies.
Discover for yourself what's different about our approach and what this means for you.

Integrated Keyword Research

Unlock the full potential of your SEO with our advanced keyword research tools. Identify high-opportunity keywords and track their performance across different search engines.

On-Page Optimisation Guidance

Enhance your content with actionable on-page optimisation recommendations. From meta tags to content quality, ensure every page is optimised for search engines and users alike.

Backlink Analysis & Monitoring

Strengthen your site's authority with our backlink analysis tools. Monitor your link profile, identify valuable link opportunities, and guard against harmful links.

SEO Workflow Automation

Simplify your SEO processes with our workflow automation features. Schedule tasks, set alerts for ranking changes, and automate reports, freeing up time to focus on strategy.

Live SERP Tracking

Stay ahead with live SERP tracking, capturing real-time changes and opportunities in search engine results pages. Make data-driven decisions based on recent market changes like Google’s Search Generative Experience.

Competitive Intelligence

Gain a competitive edge with deep insights into your competitors' SEO strategies. Analyse their strengths and weaknesses to refine your approach.

Global Keyword Databases

Dive into our expansive global keyword databases for unmatched insights into keyword performance, competition and opportunities in over 50 languages.

Trusted Third-Party Integrations

Benefit from our seamless integration with trusted third-party data providers, enhancing your SEO with authoritative link and content analysis.

Mastering Big SEO Data

Dive deep into vast oceans of SEO data with our sophisticated crawling capabilities and APIs. Our platform excels at processing millions of pages and SERP results, transforming big data into actionable insights for your SEO strategy.

Driving organic revenues for Commerce retailers

Specialising in the optimisation of major eCommerce platforms, we streamline integration with site search, pinpoint growth opportunities, and automate the creation of SEO-optimised long-tail pages. Grow your eCommerce store to new heights with targeted optimisations that drive traffic and conversions.

Advanced SEO Analysis with Google BigQuery

Collect data at scale with our platform, which then synchronises data into Google BigQuery where we have created custom Tables and Views that automatically deliver useful customised SEO insights across one or many sites.

Tailored SEO Reporting for Comprehensive Insights

Craft your narrative with custom reports from Looker Studio, combining analytics, Google Search Console data, backlink profiles, crawl diagnostics, rankings, and competitive analysis. Our platform delivers both monthly overviews and deep-dive diagnostic reports, such as content audits and multi-location reports for Local SEO, to ensure you're equipped with all the insights needed to build and manage a winning SEO strategy.

Discover for yourself why we're different to other SEO tools

If everyone else is using famous SEO brands such as SEMrush, Ahrefs or Moz then how are you going to gain a competitive advantage?

SGE Keyword Rank Tracker Software -Authoritas

We love helping clients to overcome their biggest SEO challenges

It was awesome working with you too. I haven’t had a relationship with a vendor that was quite as responsive and helpful as you are.

We really enjoy our regular sessions with senior members of the Authoritas team. We’re 100% committed to achieving the best possible SEO results for our clients and it’s great to know that we’ve got a long-standing partner listening, supporting and developing optimisation tools that will help us achieve our goals. We’re excited about the migration from V7 to V8 of the platform in 2023 and looking forward to continuing over a decade’s worth of collaboration.

Rob Best SEO Manager profile picture
Rob Best
SEO Manager
Automotive Transformation Group

I love the Authoritas Keyword Ranking API! It has enabled me to collect vast amounts of data (hundreds of millions of data points through the Brand SERP lens - aka "what does Google understand") that have enabled me to understand how Google "learns" and how to optimise the Brand SERP, trigger Knowledge Panel and push information into the Knowledge Graph from the outside without resorting to tricks and spam. (I don't think many people realise that Knowledge Panel spam is a HUGE thing - maybe Penguin and Panda will seem like glitches in years to come).

Jason Barnard profile picture
Jason “The Brand SERP Guy” Barnard
CEO and Founder

We need a rank tracking solution that fits an international SEO setup covering 100 domains, 30 languages and multiple search engines. Linkdex/Authoritas matches our requirements really well. The team is also a pleasure to work with, it feels more like a partnership rather than a traditional supplier-client relationship as we support each other with insights, ideas and solutions to succeed.

Profile picture of Christoffer Berg Head of SEO at Education First
Christoffer Berg
Head of SEO
Education First

The best two things about Analytics SEO (Now Authoritas) are: 1. Monitoring you clients' keyword rankings. ASEO has the BEST data. Our agency's CEO has heard from many sources that the keyword ranking data ASEO has is the best in the industry. You can monitor a client's keyword ranking across many search engines, countries, states, and even cities. 2. Customer service is AMAZING. Even though they are a British company, their customer support is top notch for us users in the states. Many times, Laurence, the CEO of ASEO, personally follows up on customer questions, etc.

Profile picture of Hans Peter Sandbech Ecommerce | Project management | Digital marketing at GroupM
Hans Peter Sandbech
Ecommerce | Project management | Digital marketing