In any sport. In any industry. Someone is 'Number 1'.


I’m Laurence, the founder and CEO of Authoritas and a warm welcome to our website.

I’ve spent the best part of my career identifying what it takes to be number 1 in any walk-of-life.

(Spoiler Alert) It’s not SEO software.

Just as, using the same manufacturer’s clubs as Tiger Woods won’t make you the number 1 golfer in the world.  Using our SEO software won’t get you to the top of Google overnight.

When I worked in the UK Yellow Pages industry (for the 2nd biggest player in the industry), I witnessed small businesses changing their names to AAATaxis or AAAAPlumbers to ensure they appeared first in their category, as they knew that gaining first position would directly lead to a huge gain in customers.

If Google and other search engines ranked websites alphabetically in A-Z order, we would be called AAAAAAAAuthoritas and I bet your website might start with one or more letter ‘A’s too.  😊

Why? Because, just like paper yellow page directories, we all know that the majority of users don’t go beyond the first page of Google.  So, we all know that gaining top spot will drive a disproportionate amount of new visitors to our websites.

Would you change your brand name and your website address to rank number 1?

(Un)fortunately Google does not rank websites this way.  

Getting to the top involves a lot more work and doesn’t require one big change, but lots of small changes.

In golf, the world’s top golf coaches call this ‘a slight-edge philosophy’.

It’s one of the things I learned from the few years I spent publishing golf educational products with leading international golf coaches.  Coaches who count Major Champions and even world number 1’s as their clients.

You cannot be the best at everything.  But you can be better than most at as many crucial and controllable aspects of the game as possible.

And so it is with SEO.

You may not have the biggest brand or the biggest budget.  You may not be able to attract (or dare I say pay for) the best links.

But you can measure what’s important and within your control and you can improve every aspect, to create a multiplier effect that drives you up the rankings.

Our SEO software is designed to help you on this journey.

But before you embark on this journey, let me share something else I learned during this time.

Even the best players in the world fail every week.

These players are phenomenally good at a game that is so very difficult.  Yet, everyone, except for the winner, fails at a tournament every single week.

But it’s these failures that propel them on to later success.  If they learn from their mistakes and work to improve the right things.

So, if you want to win. Then be prepared to fail.

Embrace failure as a learning tool to help you develop a way to win in your niche.

This is a winning mindset.

If you can buy-in to this winning attitude, then we’d like to join your backroom team.

This is the third principle, I learned from working with these great instructors.

The world’s best players need a team around them.  

They achieve greatness by surrounding themselves with the right team with the right combination of people (swing coach, sports psychologist, fitness instructor, nutritionist, caddy, agent and family), the right tools (customised clubs, balls, gloves, shoes, training aids and clothing) and data (in-depth statistics about their practice and play).

To achieve great results in SEO, you need the same winning combination of people, tools and data.

If you would like to invite us to join your team.  Then we’ll bring:

·        Our SEO software, data and tools to measure what’s crucial and controllable

·        20 years’ experience of failure and success to share

·        A winning mentality

Working like a world-class coach in the background, we'll be helping you set and implement a plan to help you win more often than you lose and giving you the tools and data you need to succeed.

We are a small team and cannot work with everyone.

We love working on large scale projects which show off our big-data capabilities and test us to the full. Large eCommerce sites, multi-location brands for Local SEO and multinational brands usually have the kind of testing challenges we love.

But, if you are keen to ‘up your game’, please invite us here or contact me directly via LinkedIn.

Whatever approach you decide to take.  Myself and my team wish you the very best of luck.

Every conceivable market niche is extremely competitive these days and you need the best tools and team for the job.

I’d like to think you’ll find that here, but I do appreciate there’s plenty of choice in the market.

But, before you go, please just challenge yourself with one more question.

“If, like my competitors, I choose to use one of the most commonly known SEO tools (SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, etc) and be ‘account managed’by a junior SEO; how am I going to gain a competitive advantage?”

That’s a question only you can answer.

You probably have lots of other questions, please feel free to test me with them here.

Laurence O’Toole

CEO and Founder Authoritas (and part-time golfer)

The Authoritas Team

Why we do
What we do

We love the challenge.  We've been working in SEO for many years and the pace of change is as great as ever.  There are so many moving parts to keep track of; which is why we built an all-in-one SEO platform to help us optimise how we optimise websites.

We work closely with our customers to provide them with the SEO data and tools they need
We're happy to act as a sounding board when you are stuck
We love big data challenges that test the limits of our technical skills to get the insights you need

Who you will be working with

Unlike most companies that pass you off with a junior client success manger. Choose to partner with us and you'll work hand-in-hand with experienced and senior members of the team that have worked in digital marketing and SEO for over a decade.

This means you not only get seasoned advice and a second opinion when you need it most, but you also get an inside track on what we are building and you get a real say in how the platform evolves.

Laurence O'Toole

The founder and CEO of the business, Laurence has been in digital marketing since 1996.  He's built PPC, SEO, email marketing and data businesses and is focused on building solutions to problems that lead to professional and personal success for our clients.

Nic Parry

Nic is an accomplished engineer and leads our talented team of first-class software developers to build and maintain our SaaS application. He has in-depth knowledge of a broad range of technologies and leads our R&D in applying the latest machine learning and data science techniques to SEO.

Matt O'Toole

Matt leads our product strategy and roadmap. He is very use to wearing multiple hats, having carried out almost every role possible in a SaaS company afrom head of training, to sales, customer success and even UX development.

We'd love to meet

We're happy to meet you in person and hear about your SEO challenges.  If we think we can help you then we’ll say so.  If not, then at the least we'll try and give your some perspective on your SEO strategy and some helpful free advice.

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