SEO Alerts

Get instant email alerts and notifications when your SEO KPIs move up or down or when key jobs are completed

Monitor changes to key SEO KPIs and data

You can easily setup sophisticated custom alerts for changes to any of these key SEO metrics.

Share of Search%
Keyword ranking rises and falls
Increase or decreases in organic visits
Changes to clicks and impressions from GSC
New or lost influential backlinks
Universal SERP feature wins or losses

Eliminate false positives and fine-tune SEO Alert relevance

Alerts can be powerful but need to be relevant so they don’t become distracting.

Define who gets alerted and how often
Drill-down to changes in specific website folders by using keywords tags
Control the thresholds for changes in traffic and ranking positions
Get high-level site-wide alerts or highly targeted alerts

FAQs about how to setup for SEO?

How do I setup SEO Alerts?

Simply login to the platform and click on the notification icon in the top menu bar (it looks like a bell).  This will take you to the alert configuration screen.  Here you can select ‘Add New Alert’ and this will allow you to select the SEO data you want to track and the type of notification you need.

What are custom alerts in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics gives you the chance to setup two types of alerts; Automatic Alerts and Custom Alerts.  

Automatic alerts are created by Google and inform you about major fluctuations in your website analytics stats such as big changes in site visitors by channel or changes to metrics such as bounce rate or time on site.

Custom Alerts give you an additional benefit as you can tune the alerts to changes in metrics that are likely to have a meaningful impact on your business.

Can I get alerts from Google Search Console?

The Google Search Console system does send email notifications to webmasters to alert you to errors in your website such as mobile friendly issues, page speed problems, server issues, dead links and more.

Nowadays, it evens send you a monthly performance summary and if you have been naughty, perhaps a notification about a penalty!

If you connect your Google Search Console data to the Authoritas platform then you can create even better and extremely fine-grained SEO alerts based on changes in clicks or impressions in your GSC data.

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