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We help you answer the most important questions your users and customers have in any language worldwide

People Also Ask questions are a pathway to content relevance, user intent and the buyer journey

Answering the most important questions from your prospective customers is a way to win top-of-the-funnel and bottom-of-the-funnel organic traffic and the hearts and minds of potential customers.

Find and answer questions across the buyer journey

If you tag your target keywords, then you can easily find the questions that consumers are asking across the buyer funnel.  Questions about brands, products, informational facts and figures, 'how-to' questions and buying questions around price, service, delivery and so on.

Automate question discovery with real-time Google searches

Enter your target head terms, language and country and we query and mine Google's People Also Ask results while you wait.  This gives you the freshest possible data about which questions potential users and customers are searching for online.

By counting how often each question appears for your monitored keywords, you can easily see which questions come up in the SERP time and time again and are therefore critical for you to answer on your website.

New -  We now offer a  bulk service that can find thousands of the questions that appear for thousands of your target head terms

We'll even run this FAQ report for you for free, for your first 1,000 target keywords and send you an Excel file of the results.

Get inside the mind of your customer

Why answering customers' questions should be the cornerstone of your SEO content strategy

Cornerstone questions

Some questions appear as a People Also Ask result for hundreds of keywords.  Our tools help you find and answer these critical questions.


We can do this for you in any major country worldwide, helping global SEO teams coordinate a global SEO strategy and implement it locally.

Fresh real-time data

We query the data for you on-demand ensuring that you are up-to-date with the latest trending questions and publishing timely and relevant content.

Write answers using our AI Assistant

We use AI to help your content editors write answers to the questions in >20 languages.

Improve relevance and get SEO results quickly

Answering questions from prospective customers and existing customers, and even customers of competitors is a great and simple way to achieve more SEO success in less time.

This effective SEO Technique helps you quickly rank for:

Featured Snippets
Organic FAQs
People Also Ask
Voice Search
For thousands of related head terms

Questions linked to keywords help you
understand the buyer journey

This is great for understanding user intent and planning content marketing activities across all stages of the buying journey; from initial informational questions, through to commercially oriented questions to ones with brand and transactional intent.

Many questions appear for thousands of head terms
Match keywords and questions to your key landing pages
Increase your share of SERP real-estate
Win Featured Snippets, Organic FAQs and People Also Ask positions
Do this across the buyer journey - e.g. Differentiate vanilla eCommerce product pages from competitors

The 4 types of question that your buyers have

An effective content strategy will see you publish quality content that answers all 4 types of question

Brand or Navigational Questions

Make sure you answer questions consumers have about your brand and the brands you stock.  

Informational Questions

Researching informational queries can often give you opportunities to win buyers’ hearts and minds at the earliest stages of the buyer journey by providing in-depth answers to their questions that showcase your expertise and build trust.

Commercial Questions

Make sure you answer commercial queries where consumers are just starting their buyer journey.  

Study the type of content that is already ranking – often this is a mix of long-form editorial with images and videos, or eCommerce category pages (as Google recognises that consumers like to window-shop).

Transactional Questions

Make sure you answer important pre-sales and post-purchase questions that your buyers have.

Remember to research all product lines and questions about deliveries and returns.

Do you have questions about questions?

We've tried to answer the most commonly asked questions about how to use People Also Ask results to power your SEO

What are People Also Ask results in Google?

They are a feature that appears in around two-thirds of SERO results which shows you questions that people are searching for that are related to your search query.  Google typically returns relevant results from 4 websites that answer these questions.  It is therefore an excellent opportunity to generate visitors to your site from motivated users and buyers.

How do I generate relevant questions to rank for Voice Search and Featured Snippets?

Simply enter a list of keywords that you rank for or want to rank for.

Our system will automatically generate a list of related questions for you.  If you are also monitoring these seed keywords in our rank checker then you will be able to see what type of Universal Results Google is showing in the SERP and prioritise accordingly.  We also automatically help you organise and prioritise keywords by User Intent and consumer demand.

How do I structure my content to help it rank for Featured Snippets and Organic FAQs?

Ensure your questions are closely related to the subject matter and ideally help a user complete a particular task or answer a question thoroughly.

Check what type of Featured Snippets are ranking for your keywords, e.g. Table, List or Paragraph.

Structure your answer accordingly.

Use bulleted lists or numbered lists and Schema mark-up.

You can also enhance the content with additional images or videos.

There’s plenty more information on this on our blog and other SEO blogs.

How long does it take to generate a list of relevant questions?

The tool works in real-time and the table automatically refreshes as new data comes in.  Usually, you see fresh results in a few minutes.

Free bulk analysis to find critical questions for your niche

Send us a list of your top 1,000 target keywords and mapped pages and we'll find the questions that are most central to your market and to each landing page.

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