SEO Reporting

Essential SEO data in insightful SEO reports in Google (Looker) Data Studio, Excel and via API

How would you like your custom SEO reports?

Excel and .csv

There are a range of standard off-the-shelf SEO exports to choose from covering; keyword rankings, all ranking pages, just your top ranking pages, the full SERP for each monitored keyword and so forth.

Google Data Studio

Because our Data Studio integration is powered by Big Query you get full access to a huge amount of summary and granular SEO data, way more than you would with a standard Data Studio connector.

Big Query

We sync your essential SEO data to Big Query enabling you to integrate it to produce advanced SEO reports merging rankling, link, crawl, analytics and search console data.

Custom dashboards

Integrate your platform data into 3rd party dashboarding and BI tools such as PowerBI, Tableau or your own in-house systems.

Immediate on-demand SEO reports in Excel and .csv formats

Download your regular day-to-day reports as and when you need them.

Keyword ranking history
Keywords and top ranking page only
Keywords and all ranking pages
All Ranking Pages (Full 100 SERP/keyword)
Market Winners
Up to 500,000 keywords for any domain
multinational seo dashboards for enterprises

Using Google Data Studio for SEO reports

Use our Big Query connector to automate your SEO reporting in Google Data Studio.  

Utilise our pre-canned report templates immediately or customise them to get exactly the view you want.

Standard monthly SEO reports
Multi-location Local SEO reports
Multinational SEO reports
Completely customised reports
Keyword rankings, website crawling, backlinks, share of search%, analytics, Google Search Console and more

Google Big Query integration for advanced SEO reports

Bigger, better, faster and much more powerful than a standard SEO platform connector to Google Data Studio.   Free to setup and with very low ongoing costs, this is the best solution to storing, merging, analysing and presenting large volumes of SEO data.

Streamed to your account or ours
Syncs all essential platform data
Includes the full SERP for every keyword
Page structure data for the top 10 ranking pages (Optional)
Pre-canned materialized views to cater for common views of the data
Integrate SEO data with internal business data to enhance your decision making
seo for ecommerce sites

Easily build SEO reports yourself or have us build them for you

Custom data feeds and databases
Your choice of dashboarding platform
Your choice of BI/visualisation tool
Integrate with your internal business data
Integrate with data from other SEO tools
Create Total Search (PPC & SEO), SEO Revenue Strategy dashboards and much more

FAQs about reporting for SEO?

What should an SEO Report contain?

for the majority of cases, the key thing you will be wanting to see is the link between SEO activity and website organic visitors, conversions to sales or leads.

This requires you to have access to an SEO reporting suite that integrates various data sources and APIs into one report.

Typically, this will include a variety of different data points such as:

• Website Traffic and Conversion growth versus previous periods and against targets by channel from Google Analytics (or Adobe

• SEO performance from Google Search Console,

• Keyword Ranking and SEO Visibility data

• Competitive analysis

• Technical SEO issue identification and resolution reporting from a website crawler

• Content Strategy and campaign results

• Outreach plan and results

• Prioritised SEO Action List

What is an SEO Audit Report?

This is usually the first report prepared by an incoming in-house SEO or external SEO agency.

It usually focuses on setting the scene for a client and should cover three main areas:

How are you performing?

Why are your performing like this?

What should you be doing about it?

Each area is then broken down further into specific market, competitor, website, page and SEO analysis, strategy and a plan.

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