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Need to go out to tender for you next SEO software platform subscription?

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How to put together an RFP for an SEO platform

If you’re already working in a large corporate or multi-national enterprise with your own procurement systems like SAP or Ariba, then no doubt someone will have been through this RFI/RFP process before and you’ll likely already have a good starting point. 

In such instances, we simply recommend just reviewing the "RFP Template – SEO Software Platform Requirements" spreadsheet as this will allow you to review a distilled version of the many SEO tenders we’ve received over the past year or so and will give you a good insight into what leading SEOs worldwide are expecting from their SEO platforms.

You can then easily copy the spreadsheet of requirements and send it to each potential vendor you want to consider.

RFP Template for In-house SEOs who have no formal RFPprocess

If you are in a company that has not been through this process before or perhaps does not have a formal tender process or requirements, then perhaps in addition to the above-mentioned spreadsheet you’ll also find the Microsoft Word "RFP Template for SEO Platforms" useful.

This template is designed to help you add some rigour to your SEO supplier selection process and make it easy for you to manage the whole process and objectively compare suppliers.

Whether you are working client-side or in an SEO agency, hopefully you’ll find the templates useful and comprehensive so you leave no stone unturned in your quest to make the best selection for your needs.

We recognise that no two companies are the same and that there’s no such thing as a perfect SEO platform.  After all, we should know since we have two SEO platforms!

So, we’d love to hear your feedback on any important SEO tools or data you think are critical to effectively manage SEO campaigns that we may have missed off our templates.  We’ll of course be updating this periodically in response to changes demands in the marketplace.

The templates are organised around the flexible “Authoritas 6 Stage SEO & Content Marketing Process”, but of course you can structure the requirements in any way that makes most sense to your business.


How to use this RFP template

To make it as easy as possible we’ve highlighted all explanatory notes in square brackets and added a background colour of grey.  This should make it very easy to delete them in one go and use the raw template.  We’ve also added placeholders notes in square brackets and added a background colour of yellow where you need to insert things like your company name, key dates, etc, etc.

We hope you find this saves you time.  Please do let us know if you have any suggestions for improving this.

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