SEO Forecasting

Make data-driven ROI predictions to build your business case for investment in SEO

Traffic, value and conversion forecasts at keyword level

Build your SEO Business Case

Use the data you have in the platform to forecast the probable impact of your SEO campaign on organic rankings, visits and conversions and show stakeholders what SEO could deliver for your business.

Model different scenarios

Create realistic scenarios by using sliders to change forecast rankings and by showing how the result will be achieved over time, based on how long you feel it will take you to achieve these higher rankings.  Present high, medium and low scenarios to manage expectations and inspire confidence.

Calculate your SEO ROI

It’s so simple.  Simply drag the sliders and use our simple or advanced SEO forecasting calculator.  Make assumptions around custom click-thru rate curves for branded and non-branded terms, estimated media value (PPC savings) and forecast organic visitors and sales conversions.

Prioritise Opportunity

Focus resources where the value is.  Use grouped keywords to evaluate and prioritize opportunities and invest your team’s resources in the most valuable activities.  Spend less time forecasting and more time doing!

Simple SEO ROI Forecasting

You control the simple forecast by operating the two sliders to the top right of the table.

Get summary forecast data and detailed keyword level forecasts in a table
Select the number of months and weeks you’d like to see forecast data for going forward
You can even filter the contents by tag group and/or a text search
Forecast future ranking positions and assess the impact on PPC savings and online sales revenues

Advanced SEO ROI Forecasting

Our software attempts to provide more realistic results by applying a model when generating forecasts. This model can be customised if needed, and offers three scenarios:

Low – A fairly conservative expectations of achievable rank
Medium – A reasonable assumption of what is likely to be achievable
High – This shows a best-case scenario given your current rank position

Questions about how to forecast for SEO?

How do I build an SEO business case?

SEO forecasts are typically made using standard or customised click-thru-rate models built on your keyword ranking data and search volume data for every keyword.

You will need:

1. Up-to-date keyword ranking data for the keywords and pages that interest you.

2. Search volumes for these keywords.

3. A standard CTR% model to apply to the search volumes for each keyword based on how well you are ranking for that keyword.  You can of course customise this for brand/non-brand keywords or at a keyword or keyword tag level.

4. Business metrics from Google Analytics or elsewhere, that show you how many and the value of the sales or leads generated from organic search.

5. A model (typically in Excel) that estimates your current organic visibility and allows you to produce estimates based on you making assumptions and estimates of how much you can improve rankings by and by when.

6. You can do this manually by gathering data from a keyword ranking tool like Authoritas, Google AdWords (or other suppliers of Search Volume data, Google Analytics (or another analytics provider) and Google Search Console.

7. Alternatively, you can automate this process by choosing an SEO platform with in-built sophisticated SEO forecasting and ROI calculators.

How do I use an SEO ROI Impact Calculator?

Make realistic forecasts.  No website ever gets to number 1 ranking for all their non-brand keywords!

We like using the Authoritas “Ladder Principle” – this allows you to make forecasts assuming that you can improve to the average ranking positions of the sites above you, not necessarily straight to number 1.

This caters for an incremental improvement in rankings as opposed to an overnight spike in rankings and is consequently more realistic than a lot of SEO forecasts which are made assuming the very best-case scenario (the ‘impossible scenario’).

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