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Tea Time SEO was set up in March 30th 2020, during the first UK coronavirus pandemic lockdown, to encourage everyone to take a short break whilst working from home, to meet others in the industry (have a cup of tea and cake) and learn actionable SEO tips to implement straight away.

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>75 expert SEO talks
covering all aspects of SEO

If you're looking for pragmatic, proven advice from practising SEO professionals then you are in the right place. The talks and eBooks cover a broad range of SEO topics and are all free.

SEO Strategy

Competitor analysis

Keyword research and user intent

Technical SEO

Content Audits

Website migrations and redesigns

Expert SEOs Sharing

Each session has 2 or 3 expert speakers sharing SEO and Online Marketing advice and tips. Talks are brief and actionable.  They typically last around 5 minutes for each speaker with 5 minutes or so of Q&A.

Watch the recordings

We ended up doing 76 live shows covering many aspects of SEO and content marketing.

You can watch them all on the Authoritas YouTube channel.

If you like them, please do register to be notified about the new shows we'll be running in 2023.

Ultimate SEO Guides

If you are looking for peer-reviewed SEO guides from the Tea Time SEO experts then you won't be disappointed.

There are 13 practical SEO guides to everything from content audits and website migrations, to technical and international SEO.

Expert Speakers

We were lucky enough to have a multitude of different expert speakers, some were even kind enough to appear on multiple occasions.

The majority of the speakrs have either contributed to the ulitmate guides or a blog post on their chosen topic.

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