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Discover the lead writers, authors and influencers in your industry and easily integrate your SEO and content marketing efforts with your PR and outreach strategies

Target the writers who already rank well for your target keywords

Build mutually beneficial relationships and gain new backlinks, social shares, affiliates and win market share.

Discover Influencers
See who they write for and how they rank
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>30 Million influencers in 40 countries

Entity Search uncovers the people behind the content that ranks well so that you can build relationships with them.

Find the leading magazines, websites and influential sites in your industry
Search by author name, keyword or website
Uses your project keywords to get relevant contacts specific to your niche

Find the People that matter most to Google and you

Connect with key influencers, the super-spreaders that can supercharge the reach of your content amongst relevant potential customers.

Prioritize the people that already rank for relevant topics to get that extra boost
Build relationships and attract more links, social shares and referrals
Discover new writers for your blog to boost your Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT)

FAQs about discovering influencers?

Want to know how to find and build relationships with influencers in your niche?

What is an influencer?

People mean different things when they talk about Influencers.  We are focused on helping you discover and build relationships with people that are writing for websites in your niche.  We believe by doing this you can find new partners, new writers for your blog, new speakers for your webinars and of course, new potential fans, affiliates and advocates for your products and brand.  

We use our proprietary SERP data containing billions of website pages and keywords to find writers on almost any topic.  We then narrow this down even further using your monitored keywords, to find people with a deep interest in your niche.

These writes can help you drive organic traffic as they can generate real organic traffic from real buyers.  Clearly the topical relevance and authority of these authors will go a long way in improving your organic rankings.

How do I get editorial links?

Well, contacting writers for a publication is a very good way to get links.  Especially, if you can lead with a relevant angle having looked at their previous articles and keywords/topics they write about.

This is a classic digital PR strategy and is covered in our expert guide.

Digital PR Guide

How does Authoritas discover influencers?

Every month we make hundreds of millions of SERP requests across 40 major markets.  When we find influencers ranking, we annotate our database and link the related data together in a graph database so the relationships are easy to explore.

We then supplement this by looking for named contacts on the key pages that are ranking for your monitored keywords in your project.  This gives us breadth and depth of contacts to go after in almost every conceivable niche.

Does this help me find influencers on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok?

Not today. But if this is something that interests you then please do let us know.

Discover for yourself why we're different to other SEO tools

If everyone else is using famous SEO brands such as SEMrush, Ahrefs or Moz then how are you going to gain a competitive advantage?

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