SEO Data Integrations

We integrate all the SEO data you need in our platform and Big Query so you can do so much more, so much more quickly

All this in one SaaS platform

Unique Proprietary Data

Access our SEO domain and keyword database of over 125mn commercial keywords in 50 countries.  Utilise our crawl data, SERP features data, User Intent and ‘Smell of the SERP’ data to get unique insights into what it takes to win in Google.

Best-of-breed 3rd Party Data

All under one roof – Enhanced backlink data from Majestic and Google AdWords for search volumes and CPC data.

Your Owned Data

Connect Google Search Console and Google Analytics (or Adobe) data.  Import historic keyword ranking data from other platforms and even your own business metrics.

Custom SEO Databases

No SEO platform has every keyword in every market niche.  But, we can create a custom keyword universe by crawling all your competitors, to ensure you have all the data you need to make the best SEO decisions.

How different is Authoritas data to data from other SEO platforms?

We have been collecting and analysing data to power search engine optimisation campaigns since 2009.  We have a range of unique tools to gather data you’ll need and use in the Authoritas platform or want to access via our APIs:

'Smell of the SERP' data tells you what type of content is winning for a keyword(s)
Keyword ranking using a real browser delivers highly accurate rankings worldwide to street-level
Unique web graph, clustering and semantic algorithms for content gap analysis
Integrated approach allows you to draw insights easily by mashing different data together in one place
eCommerce SEO tools, data and reports

We integrate with best-of-breed 3rd Party Data

We work with a number of trusted third parties and prominent industry sources of SEO data including:

Google and Adobe Analytics – website analytics metrics
Google Search Console – data about Google search engine performance
Google AdWords – search volume data for keywords and pages
Google Lighthouse API -  for bulk Core Web Vitals analysis
Majestic – access over 3bn backlinks worldwide
OpenAI GPT3 API - for AI content suggestions

Putting your in-house SEO data to work

By combining your own in-house data with best of breed 3rd party data and our proprietary SEO data, we can give you additional practical insights and more useful reporting.

Your historic keyword ranking data is imported and enhanced
SEO Content Audits are a breeze as all the data you need is combined into a single view
Create a Revenue-focused SEO strategy using our Big Data and your eCommerce business metrics
In-depth single site or multi-site SEO reports covering all aspects of SEO

Let's build your own customised keyword universe

Save hundreds of pounds and hours of time toing and froing between multiple systems and toolsets, as we give you all the data you need in one place.

We crawl every competitor
We generate keyword suggestions
We check Google is showing the right type of content for each keyword
We analyse user intent
We use your eCommerce analytics data
We give you a comprehensive and in-depth dataset that gives you a competitive edge

FAQs about SEO data?

Do you sell SEO Keyword Databases?

Yes, we can create and license you a custom keyword database for your website, every competitor in your niche, your whole industry or even a whole country.   We can create databases of millions of keywords but can also filter this data automatically to only send you the most relevant keywords for your use case.   If you are interested in discussing how we can help you create your own custom keyword universe then please contact us with your requirements.

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What are some useful APIs for SEO?

There are lots of useful sources of data that SEOs use that are available via API.  Obviously, we cannot integrate them all and some would certainly overlap.  We’ve picked the most established and essential SEO APIs on the market today.  If you feel we’re missing something then please let us know.

Discover for yourself why we're different to other SEO tools

If everyone else is using famous SEO brands such as SEMrush, Ahrefs or Moz then how are you going to gain a competitive advantage?

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