Is your SEO platform ready for SGE?

If you are already using SEMrush/Ahrefs/Moz* or another rank tracking SaaS solution then why not try an alternative SEO software platorm that is already ready for Google's new Search Generative Experience

seo for ecommerce sites

Do you want to talk business impact, not just keyword rankings, crawling, content and links?

If you have basic SEO needs, in a niche with low competition, then please spend $99/month with a mainstream SEO tool.

If you're part of an advanced SEO team facing stiff competition, who wants to scale the impact of SEO on your business using big data tools, then we’d love to talk about the impact the right SEO data and technology can have on your top and bottom line.

7 ways we help you
overcome your SEO challenges

We could compare features to SEMrush, Ahrefs and other SEO tools all day long.

But, what really matters is how we support you to achieve tangible, meaningful results for your business, by working with you and your team to harness our data and technology.

Enterprise scale research

Our clients need to track and analyse millions of keywords cost-effectively.   They need to benchmark their whole industry and perform crawling and duplicate detection across millions of pages.

Revenue-driven data strategy

Let the data tell the story.  Automatically analyse millions of keywords per country to identify and capture the best ROI by integrating SEO and business data.

Data-driven forecasting

Don’t put your neck on the line without running through a variety of scenario models.

Too many SEO tools

Is it time to review whether your current SEO toolset is simply giving you more to look at, rather than more to go on?

Inter-departmental alignment

Communicate, collaborate and cooperate with the SEO team and other internal departments and external agencies.

Stakeholder management

Report on what’s actually important to each stakeholder group with custom reports combining SEO and business data.

SEO budget constraints

AI-powered content assistant makes your SEO budget go further.

Key features every SEO platform should have

We've been building SEO software since 2009 and are continuously updating and enhancing our existing toolset and building new SEO tools

Keyword Ranking

The industry's most accurate and feature rich keyword rank tracking software. Google SGE ready!  

Keyword Research

Conduct unlimited keyword research in over 50 countries using our free keyword research software.

FAQ Explorer

Mine Google's People Also Ask results to generate relevant questions for your content team.

Market Share

Benchmark your SEO visibility and share of search % against your whole industry or selected competitors.

Content Strategy

Automate your multilingual content strategy data gathering by analysing and clustering millions of keywords.

Visibility Explorer

Research any domain worldwide and download an unlimited number of keywords.

Project Visibility

Content Assistant

Use OpenAI's GPT-3 algorithm to write and approve content written by artificial intelligence.

Website Crawler

Crawl your website and find and resolve SEO problems.  Integrate with analytics, backlinks and keywords to audit your content.

Page Experience

Analyse your pages and your competitors’ pages to see how well you are performing for Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Backlink Analysis

We re-crawl your backlinks and your competitors so you can clean up your link profile and mine your competitors’ best links.

Influencer Discovery

We find people that are ranking for your monitored keywords so that you can contact them for outreach and PR purposes.

SEO Reporting

You can export many common SEO reports you will need to .csv or .xls or use our advanced reporting to Google Data Studio and Big Query.

Google Big Query

Our Google Big Query integration enables you to easily analyse SEO and business data to make commercially focused SEO decisions.

multinational seo dashboards for enterprises

Google Data Studio

We have a number of off-the-shelf advanced Data Studio SEO reports covering all aspects of SEO that you can copy, use and edit.

Google Search Console

We integrate and store your Google Search Console data, so you have a constant source of new keyword data.

Google & Adobe Analytics

Integrate with your chosen web analytics provider’s API, and overlay these metrics alongside our SEO data to prioritise decisions.

SEO Forecasting

Use our SEO ROI calculator to build realistic forecasts based on keywords or keyword tag groups that help you secure SEO budget.

Share of Search

Calculate your share of search by device, search engine and by selected competitors.

SEO Dashboards

Create simple and useful SEO dashboards covering Share of Search, keyword rankings, backlinks and more.

SEO Alerts

Use our SEO alerting system to keep up-to-date when key events impact your SEO performance.


Research, store and manage all your link building contacts and agreements in one place with our simple CRM and task manager.

Platform API

You can manage thousands of sites in the platform, so having platform API access to programmatically add and manage them is essential.

We love helping clients to overcome their biggest SEO challenges

It was awesome working with you too. I haven’t had a relationship with a vendor that was quite as responsive and helpful as you are.

We really enjoy our regular sessions with senior members of the Authoritas team. We’re 100% committed to achieving the best possible SEO results for our clients and it’s great to know that we’ve got a long-standing partner listening, supporting and developing optimisation tools that will help us achieve our goals. We’re excited about the migration from V7 to V8 of the platform in 2023 and looking forward to continuing over a decade’s worth of collaboration.

Rob Best SEO Manager profile picture
Rob Best
SEO Manager
Automotive Transformation Group

I love the Authoritas Keyword Ranking API! It has enabled me to collect vast amounts of data (hundreds of millions of data points through the Brand SERP lens - aka "what does Google understand") that have enabled me to understand how Google "learns" and how to optimise the Brand SERP, trigger Knowledge Panel and push information into the Knowledge Graph from the outside without resorting to tricks and spam. (I don't think many people realise that Knowledge Panel spam is a HUGE thing - maybe Penguin and Panda will seem like glitches in years to come).

Jason Barnard profile picture
Jason “The Brand SERP Guy” Barnard
CEO and Founder

We need a rank tracking solution that fits an international SEO setup covering 100 domains, 30 languages and multiple search engines. Linkdex/Authoritas matches our requirements really well. The team is also a pleasure to work with, it feels more like a partnership rather than a traditional supplier-client relationship as we support each other with insights, ideas and solutions to succeed.

Profile picture of Christoffer Berg Head of SEO at Education First
Christoffer Berg
Head of SEO
Education First

The best two things about Analytics SEO (Now Authoritas) are: 1. Monitoring you clients' keyword rankings. ASEO has the BEST data. Our agency's CEO has heard from many sources that the keyword ranking data ASEO has is the best in the industry. You can monitor a client's keyword ranking across many search engines, countries, states, and even cities. 2. Customer service is AMAZING. Even though they are a British company, their customer support is top notch for us users in the states. Many times, Laurence, the CEO of ASEO, personally follows up on customer questions, etc.

Profile picture of Hans Peter Sandbech Ecommerce | Project management | Digital marketing at GroupM
Hans Peter Sandbech
Ecommerce | Project management | Digital marketing

FAQs about SEO platforms?

We appreciate you are probably already working with one (or more) other SEO tools or APIs.
Discover for yourself what's different about our approach and what this means for you.

What is an SEO platform?

An SEO platform or software suite is typically a cloud-based piece of software that is delivered over the internet as a subscription service (“SaaS software”).  There are a few remaining desktop PC and Mac software suites, but most modern SEO toolsets are now SaaS.

There are thousands of different SEO tools online today, but a tool solves a single use case, whereas a platform is a collection of SEO tools that are integrated together to solve multiple use cases in one place.

There are about a dozen or so SEO platforms worldwide that can truly be described as providing a comprehensive all-encompassing SEO technology solution that has data and solution to cover the whole SEO process from keyword and market research, through to keyword rankings, content optimisation, backlinks and SEO reporting.

Authoritas is one of these SEO platform companies, others include; Brightedge, Conductor, SEO Clarity, Searchmetrics, Ahrefs and SEMrush.

What should I look for in an SEO software suite?

1. Longevity in the market and a proven track record.  Today, it’s easier than ever to create a SaaS SEO app that caters to a single use case and platforms can come and go.  What will happen to your data if they disappear overnight?

2. Scalability.  It’s easier than ever to create a SaaS SEO app that caters to a single use case and handles a limited number of customers.  But its’s much harder to create a robust platform that satisfies a number of critical SEO use cases and a huge volume of websites and data.

3. A well-rounded feature set.  An all-in-one platform must help you through all 6 stages of a successful SEO project with tools and data to help you research the industry, create forecasts to justify SEO budget, plan your SEO and content strategy, audit your website, optimise and create content and run and measure outreach campaigns.

4. First-class support from senior SEOs.  Healthy and growing organic traffic is the lifeblood of most online businesses.  Get the best advice and help from senior SEOs who have been in the industry for years, not junior client success managers fresh out of college.

5. Great value-for-money.  Some of the so-called ‘enterprise SEO platforms’ charge an arm-and-a-leg for their software.  You know who they are.  But there are many better alternatives to some of the bigger enterprise SEO tool companies.  Authoritas is one, but of course there are others.  Go with a provider that has an open and transparent pricing model.

What features does your SEO platform offer?

Our SEO platform and API offers a multitude of essential SEO tools, data and insights to help professional SEO teams succeed.

We believe in creating a continuous, virtuous circle of SEO success.  This means we are focused on building SEO tools that help you with every stage of the Authoritas 6 stage SEO process which cover;

1. Market and Competitor research
2. Technical SEO auditing
3. SEO strategy and forecasting
4. Content creation and optimisation
5. SEO outreach PR and link building
6. Measuring results and refining your approach.

Explore the ‘Tools’ menu and find over 25 different SEO modules that will help your current SEO project gain real momentum.

How to write an SEO RFP (Request for Proposal) for an SEO platform?

There are lots of questions you need to ask about the software vendor, their capabilities and credentials and their experience in your niche.  You also need to do a deep dive into your specific requirements and how well the vendor’s software meets your needs.  

We’ve produced an easy-to-use Excel template that you can copy and update before sending out to your long-list of potential vendors.  We’d love it if you would include us in your long-list when you’ve finished your RFP document.

SEO Software RFP template

What is the difference between the Authoritas platform and SEMrush?

SEMrush is one of the longest established SEO platforms in the industry.  

It has tools and data covering paid and organic search as well as social.  But because of its size, it is unlikely to give you the attention and support of senior leaders within the business that Authoritas will, to help you maximise the data to achieve your business goals.

Authoritas has many, but not all, of the same kind of data and tools as SEMrush.  The biggest difference, is that we will go to an unparalleled level of depth, providing you advanced granular data and filters to aid decision making.

Ask yourself this, if many of your competitors are also using SEMrush how do you get a competitive edge?

You can read some of the main differences in the article referenced below.  But, perhaps the best way to decide is to spend some time with us discussing how we can bring our SEO tools and data to bear on your SEO projects to drive results that have real commercial impact.

Authoritas vs SEMrush review

What is the difference between the Authoritas platform and ahrefs?

Ahrefs is another of the major players in the SEO tools industry.  They have a comprehensive SEO platform with 5 key SEO tools.  The strengths of the tool lies in the data they collect across millions of keywords worldwide.  This gives you high-level data for most domains worldwide.

Authoritas has similar SEO tools and more besides, with the main difference being that senior members of our team work alongside your team, meeting regularly to help harness and customise the power of our SEO technology, APIs and data to give you a competitive advantage.  

Ask yourself this, if many of your competitors are also using ahrefs how do you get a competitive edge?

Many of our clients use Authoritas in conjunction with ahrefs or SEMrush to get an extra edge over their competitors.

You can read some of the main differences in the article referenced below.  But, perhaps the best way to decide is to spend some time with us discussing how we can bring our SEO tools and data to bear on your SEO projects to drive results that have real commercial impact.

Authoritas vs Ahrefs review

Do I have to talk to a salesperson?

No, definitely not.  Firstly, we don’t have any.  Secondly, you alone determine whether a collaboration with us is what you desire.  

You can self-serve and never speak to anyone if that’s your preference. You can create a free account from our pricing page.

Once you’ve satisfied yourself that the platform is right for your business, you can book some free onboarding and training time in with a senior member of our team, or, if you prefer you can simply use our free online learning resources and tutorials and never speak to us (which would be a shame as one of the best things about our industry is meeting new SEOs and sharing success stories and challenges to help each other succeed).

If you would prefer to speak to someone upfront then we would be delighted to have an online meeting with you.  You will meet with a senior member of our team who has many years of SEO experience, so they understand your pain and challenges and can give you a no-nonsense assessment of whether we are a good fit.  

Just complete and submit your details on the form on this page and we’ll be immediately.

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