Advanced SEO Software, data and APIs for growing SEO Agencies

If you are looking for pretty traffic lights and banal suggestions about using target keywords in meta titles and the first 100 words of copy then you’ve come to the wrong place!

There’s nothing wrong with using an arsenal of SEO tools, but ask yourself this...

If I’m using the same ‘popular’ tools as my competitors where’s my competitive edge?

There's nothing wrong with using these other SEO tools, in fact using them in combination with Authoritas may just give you that advantage you are looking for.

How much manual data wrangling do you and your team do every week?

We bet it’s more than you think and more than you would like.  Spending more time training and encouraging your team and helping clients overcome implementation challenges is the recipe for SEO success.

Is there a better way?

Yes, use the hard-working SEO platform for hard-working SEOs.   If any of the common SEO agency challenges set out below resonate with you, then we might be able to help.

SEO is hard work, your SEO platform shouldn’t be

We started out life as an SEO and website development agency.  

We know how hard it is to win new business and service an ever increasing number of clients in an increasingly competitive world.

We get the pressures and deadlines of day-to-day agency life.

Our SEO platform delivers for agencies facing these common operational challenges

SEO reports with business impact

Produce customised reports that tell a story. The business impact of:

HOW your client is performing.

WHY they are performing like this.

WHAT they need to do about it.

Are my clients performing?

Put your client’s SEO performance into context against their competition.  

Where are they gaining or losing organic market share?  

Benchmark, strategise, implement and monitor results.

Surfacing opportunities

We automatically find winning content creation and optimisation strategies to implement.  

The best clusters, pages and keywords to optimise for the SERP features that are relevant to the user intent of your clients’ content.

Tackling SEO systematically

Create a systematic SEO process your team can implement consistently with in-built task management, default task lists and more.

Automate much more than you are doing today and spend less time on analysis and more time producing results for your clients.

Insights for new business pitches

We know what it's like.  You've got a ton of client work and three new business pitches to prepare for.  

We have the tools to quickly deliver, nicely packaged insights that will make sure pitch stand out from the crowd.

Hiring and training new team members

We cannot help you recruit a new SEO team.  

But, we can free up your time to do it by training your existing team and providing regular support for key projects.

Concerned about the impact of AI

Don’t be.

Harness it to support your content editors and writers.  

Use AI (GPT-3) tools to automate bite-sized pieces of content at scale and free-up time for your writers to produce really high quality content.

Slow SEO results vs Paid Search

Not only do we give you the tools and data to produce better results in less time.

But we can also produce ‘Total Search’ dashboards that help you explain to your clients the benefits of deploying a combination of SEO and paid search.

Shall we see if we can help your SEO agency overcome its challenges?

We're not for beginners.   We're definitely not right for every agency.  But we might be the right fit for you if you have ambitious clients in competitive niches.

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