How to join the Authoritas Agency Partner Program

V1.0 (December 1st 2020)

Step 1: Complete your company profile

To receive revenue share (commissions) you have earned when your registered domains purchase an Authoritas Subscription Service, you must complete the appropriate online forms and/or paperwork sent to you by your Authoritas Client Success Manager.  This will include:

  1. Signing up for your free Authoritas account and registering an interest, via the Authoritas website or the Authoritas Platform, that you which to apply to join the Authoritas Agency Partner program and that you are a company formed for the purposes of providing digital marketing services to other businesses.
  2. A signed copy of the Authoritas Agency Partner Program Agreement (signed electronically or by accepting the relevant terms and conditions through the Authoritas Platform.
  3. Fully completing your company details, bank details and registration of a credit card for proof of identity and for any End Users who buy Authoritas Subscription Services through you.
  4. Other relevant forms that the Client Success Manager may send to you related to your particular jurisdiction.

Step 2: Deal Registration & Revenue Shares

  1. You must register prospective deals that you are engaged with on our platform.  This simply initially entails registering the domain (up to your capacity limits – you cannot register the whole internet!), and once then once the deal is ready to be signed, updating the form with the name and contact details of the End User and Authoritas Package agreed.
  2. When one of your registered and accepted domains buys an Authoritas Subscription Service, you are eligible to receive revenue share for that deal. The revenue share for Agency Partners is 20% of the monthly recurring revenue and is paid for as many months as the customer’s subscription for the product line(s) remain active. Revenue share payments are paid out on a quarterly basis, and will be forfeited if you do not provide paperwork or have the End User validate your referral as set out below within 6 months of joining the program.
  3. For every client you sign, you should send a validation link to the End User within the Authoritas Platform which they can approve to validate your referral and give you Agency Partner management access to their End User account.  The End User accepting this link request is the confirmation we use to prove that this deal was originated by you.  (We also use the rescinding of Agency Partner management access by the End User to signify the end of your management of that client.  You will continue to receive a revenue share for the life of that End User for the relevant product line unless they switch their account to be managed by another Agency Partner).

Authoritas Agency Partner Program Policies

Register your current and prospective client domains:

You can register current or prospective client domains within your Partner Portal in order to be eligible for revenue share when you sell Authoritas to that domain.

  • Domain registration is intended for your current and prospective clients only. Partners should only register domains that they have established a demonstrable business relationship and who you are actively approaching and are engaging with in a pursuit of a sale. 
  • Each accepted registration will expire six (6) months from the date the prospect was registered. If you are actively pursuing a prospect and the registration is expired, then you may re-register the prospect manually for another ninety (90) days.
  • Your domain registration capacity is determined by your partnership level.  Capacity levels are subject to change at Authoritas’ discretion.
  • It is important that you maintain the appropriate capacity. You may be suspended or previously registered and accepted domains may no longer be eligible for revenue share if you are above your capacity limits. 

Understand program entry requirements:

Partner Level: to maintain your Authoritas Agency Partner status, you need to purchase to meet the following criteria:

  1. Achieve annual sales of 4 End Users to our Subscription Service in your first 12 months and thereafter maintain a minimum of 4 active End Users to our Subscription Service within the previous 12 months.
  2. Have completed Partner On-boarding by Authoritas.
  3. Have completed training and/or certification requirements which means at least 2 full-time members of your team must be competent users of the Authoritas Platform.
  4. Pass the Authoritas Verification and Certification Program which proves that you are delivering positive SEO results or your clients.
  5. Regularly use your Agency Partner account on the Authoritas Platform, as we find that partners that regularly use our software are more competent at translating the benefits to prospects and retain clients better.

Authoritas Branding Guidelines

  • Once Authoritas has verified and certified the SEO results you are providing for your clients then you are able to promote your partnership through your Authoritas certification or tier badge. 
  • Please note that Authoritas and the Authoritas logo are trademarked items and Your use of these trademarks is subject to the terms set out in the Authoritas Agency Partner Programme Agreement.

Stay up to date with the program

  • It is a requirement of participation in the Agency Partner Program that a senior decision-making member of your team meets with an Authoritas Client Success Manager at least once per quarter to determine how best we can collaborate for future mutual success.