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Find relevant people and influential websites

We give you all the data and tools necessary to help you identify authoritative and relevant sites and people that you can outreach to build mutually beneficial relationships and links.

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Backlink Analysis

Mind the gap – The Competitive Gap in link data

Compare and contrast your link growth versus your nearest competitors.  Understand the competitive gap in terms of number and quality of links and unique referring domains.  Get a realistic picture of what you are up against and how this picture is changing over time.
Get the full details of your top 5,000 backlinks (you can request more) and the top 5,000 backlinks for up to 5 competitors per SEO campaign. 

Links are still one of the top 3 ranking factors! Get in-depth tracking of your link data with Majestic data integration


Competitive Link Profile

Let your competitors do the hard work for you

Piggyback off your competitors’ link building efforts by mining their best links.  Find links that are common to different competitors to discover easy wins.  See what the competitive gap is and the extent of your competitive advantage (or disadvantage).

Analyse competitors’ anchor text to see which keywords they are targeting.


Link Referrals

It’s not all about Link Juice

Are your link building efforts generating you an ROI? See at a glance which links are actually bringing you real visitors and conversions.  See how many links you have from each referring site and which links you have built during this campaign.

For each referring site you can see; Visits, % of total referral visits, number of goals, goal value, conversion rate%, page views, backlinks and campaign backlinks.

Lost and New Links

Gone in 60 seconds

OK, links might not change 1 minute after they go live, but links are often amended or removed after placement has been agreed.  Don’t let all your link building efforts slowly erode away; keep tabs on links that are lost every week as well as the new ones you have earned.

Every week we compare Majestic SEO’s fresh index to find links that you once had but which can no longer be found on the source URL.  We then use our crawler to double-check the source URL to check whether the URL really has disappeared giving you an opportunity to contact the site owner and recover the link.

We also give you a weekly update of new links to your site.

Building high quality relevant links to your site is still critical in maintaining competitiveness


Find Toxic Links

Run weekly link reports

We check Majestic SEO’s Fresh Index weekly to show you the new links to your website that we can find in the largest commercially available database of web links (over 3.5 trillion URLs and counting).

Ever since Google’s Penguin updates in 2013 there has been a focus on eradicating poor quality links from your link profile. Use our link tools and data to report on your link building efforts and also as a safeguard to ensure that no unethical competitor is building spammy and poor quality links to your website to try to impact your rankings.


Research Link Prospects

Separate the wheat from the chaff

Use a series of friendly wizards to help you effortlessly research sites that might link to you. 

Filter the results by social media metrics and Majestic SEO trust and authority metrics to find the most authoritative sites with real users you can engage. Research an unlimited number of link prospects.  Use the project management tools to focus your team doing your outreach on the highest quality link opportunities.

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