Backlink Data & Profiling

Simply the most accurate and insightful link data available. Authoritas recrawls Majestic link data and enhances it to make link data more actionable, so you can turn incredible data into incredible insights.

Access Trillions of Backlinks

All platform accounts have access to an enhanced version of the world’s largest independent database of backlinks.

Unique Relevance and Influence Signals

We re-crawl your link data to help you understand the authority and relevance of your backlinks.

Additional Filters and Signals

Re-crawling your backlink data improves accuracy and enhances your analysis.

Using the Link Data section will help you discover:

  • Your relationship to the media landscape
  • Which websites, website types (blogs, new sites, or forums, for example) and authors have linked to you, your competitors and other media stakeholders
  • Which pages or content are most frequently linked to and from where
  • Any of your backlinks which may be low influence or relevance causing damage to your site’s online reputation
  • How your and your competitors’ backlink profiles have changed over time – e.g. New authoritative links from influencers, New Links, Dropped Links
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Comprehensive Backlink Profiling

Backlinks from other websites are widely acknowledged by SEOs, and even Google, as one of the top 3 ranking factors!  

Get in-depth tracking of your link data with our enhanced Majestic data integration.  This gives you access to features that you cannot get from Majestic, or any other link data provider, such as;

  • Access to the full Majestic fresh index of >3 trillion URLs
  • We re-crawl your backlinks to improve accuracy and provide additional signals
  • Get an Authoritas Relevance and Influence score for each backlink to help you find your best links and potentially toxic links
  • Use unique filters and signals to make link data more actionable, including authors, site types, video, rel=publisher and more

Track Competitors’ Backlink Profiles

Add multiple competitors and get a comprehensive view of the sites linking to you and your competitors across your industry.  Use these detailed insights to discover new link partners and fuel your outreach programmes.

New Influential Backlinks
  • Review and benchmark new quality links for better competitor intelligence
  • See which sites are linking to a specific competitor or more than 1 of your competitors
  • Prioritise which links to evaluate using Relevance, Influence, number of Linking Pages and Also Links To (how many sites the referring domain also links to)
  • Evaluate followed/no-followed links
  • See which links have already been added to your Link Campaigns and add new potential links
  • Discover Authors and Contacts to add to your SEO CRM
  • Discovers sites using rel=publisher – can be useful in identifying potential media partners and affiliates
  • Find social profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

Tip:   Use the ‘Show Me’ quick filter to see “Recent links from Authors on influential sites”.

Advanced Backlink Filtering

You can control the timeline for analysing link data – monthly, twice a month or every two months.   This consumes your domain link index credits (1 per analysis).  You can also filter huge volumes of link data by:

  • Type of Site
  • TLD (Top Level Domain), e.g. .Com; .fr or websites only
  • Country
  • Link anchor text
  • Influence score
  • Title or URL
  • Link Target URL
  • Follow/No Follow
  • Has Author
  • Is Publisher
  • Author’s Name
  • Video
  • Social Network
  • Also Links to me

For example; filter by Link Target URL will allow you to discover and investigate all the backlinks to a specific page on a competitors’ website.  This is really useful when you are going head to head with one or more competitors for top rankings and you want to ensure you have an edge.

Export Link Data
  • Export link data via CSV or Excel
  • Select one page per website or all linking pages
  • Export all referring websites or a selected number filtered to what you need
  • Ask about our custom data feeds to Google Big Query
Visualise Link Counts

Visualise a month-to-month comparison of the total number of backlinks to your site versus your competitors.  This shows the total number of backlinks Majestic is reporting for each site and can be an easy way to assess whether any of your competitors are embarking on large-scale link-building campaigns.

Filter to include ‘Influential’ websites only.

Visualise Linking Domains

Visualise a month-to-month comparison of the total number of linking root domains to your site versus your competitors.  Identify how competitive gaps are either growing or shrinking between your site and your competitors.

Filter to include ‘Influential’ websites only.

Visualise Link Site Types

Analyse a specific tracked website’s backlinks by type of linking page. Filter to include ‘Influential’ websites only.

  • Blog
  • Forum
  • PR
  • News
  • Article
  • Wiki
  • Resource
  • Social
  • Directory

Link Detox – Toxic Link Detection

Ever since the Penguin update Google has been penalizing sites with suspect link profiles:

  • By having a continuously updated source of backlink data and meta data about those links you can root out links that may be harmful
  • Track site-wide links across all linking root domains
  • Filter links and linking domains by Trust Flow or Citation Flow score
  • Find links coming from countries or websites you may not expect
  • Download the data on the fly to create a disavow file

FAQs about Backlink Analysis

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