Big Data Research

Relying on single sources of data doesn’t cut it anymore. Try combining your own data from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or Xiti with data from Google Search Console. Integrate link data from Majestic and add that to our own continuous research of millions of keywords. Then mix in our data science-powered market intelligence to provide you with the Big Data Research necessary to compete at the top of your field.

Combine data from the most important sources

Analytics providers

Whatever your preferred Analytics data provider, be it Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or Xiti, the Authoritas platform can connect with your provider and bring the data in. This is always the starting layer to ensure that we can provide you with a much ‘bigger picture’ than you currently have.

Google Search Console

It used to be called Google Webmaster Tools, now it’s Google Search Console – but whatever you refer to it as, this can add a layer of search impressions data on top of your analytics. However, only if you layer the data correctly. Our platform combines the power of your analytics data with the data found in Google Search Console to great effect.


Why try to build your own backlink database when we have a great relationship with Majestic – and they already have the largest and most up-to-date backlink database, of over 3 trillion URLs, in the world? If you’re an SEO, you’re surely aware of Majestic. But the Authoritas platform is all about adding value and making life easier. So we take data directly from Majestic mash it up with other data like crawl and analytics data, and display it inside our platform. This means you no longer require multiple software accounts, and multiple log-ins as you get a complete picture of your data.

Keyword rankings

However, what adds distinct value inside the Authoritas platform is our own, unique data. Our continuous research of millions of keywords and consumer demand for those keywords isn’t available anywhere else – unless you use our SERPS API of course.

Site auditing and crawling

But there’s no point in spending a great deal of time on trying to improve keyword rankings if your site health is failing. Our website technical auditing and crawling tools check everything from indexation, 404s, Robots.txt, redirects, unfriendly URLs, dead links, server errors and much more.

Graphing, clustering and semantic algorithms

Our market intelligence feature for enterprise customers in version 6 onwards of our platform add total market analysis to our data services. Our graphing, clustering and semantic algorithms extract meaning behind your market and forecast ROI from prospective content marketing efforts.

From trillions of links, billions of pages and millions of keywords, find out how the combination of multiple data sources can provide you with thousands of unique insights never previously available. Request a demo of the Authoritas platform today.

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