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Authoritas & GroupBy Inc announce reseller agreement

November 12, 2020
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Authoritas & GroupBy Inc announce reseller agreement

AUSTIN, Texas — GroupBy Inc., a leading provider of relevancy-focused eCommerce solutions, in conjunction with Authoritas, a leading provider of a comprehensive SEO software platform today announced the launch of their SEO Accelerator and North American reseller agreement.  

The new combined solution further accelerates customer acquisition by attracting more customers to an eCommerce site.  This cloud-based SEO software utilizes the very best SEO tools and data from a decade of knowledge and development and is now combined with the power of GroupBy’s Page Accelerator to further add value to the GroupBy eCommerce Search Suite.

SEO Accelerator mashes-up crawlers, analytics, ranking, links, social data and the sitemap to help you make the most of your SEO and content marketing efforts.

Authoritas’ European eCommerce customers such as Rakuten have seen their search visibility improve 41% within 2 months of implementing its big-data-science driven content strategy solution.  Coupling this unique technology with GroupBy’s eCommerce Search Suite will take this to the next level.

GroupBy is extremely excited about our partnership with Authoritas and it is already delivering additional value for our clients,” says GroupBy CEO Roland Gossage. “Our new SEO Accelerator and North American Reseller Agreement will put us at the forefront of eCommerce and Digital conversations.”

“Google has announced a major ‘Page Experience’ algorithm update is coming in 2021. These upcoming changes will have a material effect on millions of sites’ search engine rankings”, says Authoritas CEO, Laurence O’Toole. “Together we can help you attain world-class ‘Core Web Vitals’, identify content opportunities at scale and measure real-world improvements in your site’s SEO and revenue from organic sessions.”

About GroupBy Inc.

GroupBy’s fully cloud native technology powers the world’s most relevant and highly converting eCommerce websites, while reducing manual effort. Our SaaS-based suite provides industry-leading features for data enrichment, search, navigation, personalization, merchandizing, SEO and search autocomplete, and is backed by our ongoing commitment to partnering with our clients. We excel with complex, large-scale B2B configurations and in dynamic, high volume B2C scenarios.  Founded in 2013, GroupBy is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has offices in Austin, Texas.

About Authoritas

Authoritas is a comprehensive SaaS SEO platform designed to grow organic traffic that converts.  Winner of the European Search Award for Best Software Innovation in 2018, our SEO software and content strategy automation platform is the easiest and most powerful solution to increase your organic visibility and revenue.

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