Market Share in 26 Markets

We have just released our market share feature to 26 different markets. We had it in UK, France and the US but now it is in all of these markets:

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland FR and Switzerland DE, Singapore, UK and USA.

Benchmark your performance against your top 100 competitors globally.

You can automate a market analysis across 26 countries and discover:

  • The size of the market in terms of keywords – how many are ranking on the first 3 pages of Google and how many relevant keywords you could be ranking for
  • The size of consumer demand – the total search volume demand for your ranking keywords and the total search volume demand for all relevant keywords
  • Your share of SEO Visibility – find out what percentage of the market by Visibility Score you command and if it is trending upwards or downwards
  • How has the latest Google algorithm update affected your market share
  • How much potential organic visibility you can go after

Automate international keyword research and competitive content gap analysis

You may have a site operating in many markets and you need to carry out keyword research in each of them, but this can take time. How can you automate this?

We can help you gain a top level view of your site across different countries in just one click. Your market is based on the number of pages and keywords your site ranks for as well as the related pages and keywords that compete with you in the SERPs. Other SEO tools limit you to 5 or 10 competitors; we don’t! We build a true picture of every niche in your market by comparing your site to its top 100 competitors. You can therefore see not only how the big players are performing, but how the niche sites are operating in the market.

This is not only a solid baseline from which to track your SEO market share, it’s also a great way of automating your international SEO keyword research and competitive content gap analysis.

The keywords in our database are updated daily and we have over 125 million commercial keywords. We add to our database every month to ensure we have the most recent terms trending in the market.

125 million commercial keywords is a lot of data, but we like to take a ‘leave no stone unturned’ approach to market and competitive analysis. So, for paying clients we can take the analysis to a whole new level and can crawl your competitors’ sites, import Google Search Console data and use our other keyword discovery tools to customise the keywords that define your market whether it’s B2C or B2B. Of course, whilst this strategic planning tool for SEO and content marketing teams is updated monthly, the most important head terms can be tagged and tracked every day or week in our keyword rank tracking module.


SEO Strategy for eCommerce Sites

The Market Share and Content Strategy modules are particularly helpful for large international eCommerce sites who compete with major players such as Amazon and eBay.

Most SEO Visibility tools will show you a picture of your organic performance against these major sites and your niche players.

The trouble is, sites like Amazon and eBay rank for millions of keywords the majority of which are irrelevant to your site and niche. e.g. If your eCommerce site sells automotive parts then you will compete with these major players as well as your traditional niche competitors. For the most part, your niche competitors will rank for relevant keywords, but Amazon and eBay will rank for keywords covering market sectors you are not interested in like gardening, computing, fashion and so on. By including these keywords in your analysis, other tools give you a misleading view of your SEO visibility as large jumps or falls in consumer demand or rankings in irrelevant areas contribute to that brand’s overall share of the market.

Our approach to industry analysis solves this problem but separating the signals from the noise and only including relevant keywords from every competitor.

Take for example the DIY market in the UK.
We know sells DIY tools and competes with traditional bricks and mortar retailers like B&Q ( and Wickes.

But of the 2.8mn+ commercial keywords we have in our database that we know Amazon ranks for how many are actually in the DIY sector?

Well the answer is almost exactly 10%; Amazon is competing on 285,808 DIY related keywords.


Sometimes you need more than 10 competitors to compare your performance against especially if you have a large site like eBay. We do not limit your research and give you access to up to 100 competitors. This helps you to identify content gaps in your content both short and long-tail. It also helps you to focus on the topic clusters and sub topics that are more relevant for you and your business. This means you can compare “apples” with “apples” and easily see who is competing in the same market space as you.

Accurate Share of Search

This new module gives you an accurate share of voice or share of search in the market as it is only focusing on the pages and keywords your site ranks for plus the related pages and keywords that compete with you. This means that you not only see the big players in the market but also the niche ones who are competing on the same terms. Market Share allows you to discover all the keywords relevant for you and your business at the click of a button across all 26 markets.

For example when looking at a specific domain name, you can select different countries and see the keywords that have the highest potential visibility score.


Then if you change the market to be Spain, the terms also change. For example corte ingles a large department store, similar to John Lewis in the UK appears as one of the competing terms.


With market share, no longer will you struggle to monitor the performance of your multinational website, plus you will be able to not only give a top line view of the market for the C-level of the company, but will easily be able to drill into the detail for the SEO team. The actionable insights will allow you to put these into the on-page recommendations for your company or agency.


Discover more about how Authoritas can help you not only monitor the performance of your site but also help you research the market more efficiently and forecast the performance of your site in the future.

We’d love to run a free analysis for your site or a competitor. Please book a meeting with one of the team and we’ll run a free analysis for you and see what story the data shows.

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