Great British Chefs

Great British Chefs (GBC) is a site dedicated to food lovers who are in search of new recipe ideas, news on the industry, and reviews of many restaurants around Britain.

Initial results

These metrics give an idea of the initial market share results for GBC. They show that the market they compete in consists of 113,000 keywords of which, their pages only rank for 24,000.

Initial wins for Great British Chefs
Initial potential wins for Great British Chefs

There are a total of 24.7 million searches for those market keywords, of which 4.8 million are for GBC’s ranking keywords. Based on these metrics, it is evident that there is room for improvement, and the Authoritas platform provides the insight into where optimization should be focused first.

From the initial site analysis, the following key metrics were found…

If GBC were to optimize their:

  • EXISTING keywords for EXISTING content, their site traffic could increase by 172%
  • EXISTING content with NEW keyword suggestions, their site traffic could increase by 80%

If GBC created:

  • NEW content from NEW keyword suggestions, their traffic could increase by 148%

GBC’s top 100 market domains

The plotted graph below consists of GBC’s top 100 market domains. The red bubble illustrates that GBC fall within the ‘Core Niche Competitors’ quadrant, and also gives a good idea of where they fall in relation to their closest competitors.

Great British Chefs Competitive Domains
Great British Chefs’ top 100 competing domains

The x-axis represents the average of majestic trust flow and citation flow for the domain. The y-axis represents a sum of the estimated organic search visibility, in log scale, within the market.

Improve EXISTING pages to better rank for EXISTING keywords

The graph below illustrates the clusters of existing keywords to optimize for pages that are existing on the website already. The best cluster of keywords to begin with would likely be the ‘beef’ or ‘dinner’ cluster. This is resultant from the very high organic growth potential, and an above average relative strength, in comparison to the other clusters shown on this graph.

Great British Chefs' existing KWs and existing content clusters
Which existing keywords and existing content Great British Chefs should focus on

The table below gives an example of a ranking page, and the types of keywords that that page currently ranks for. It also provides their current search volume, and the number of times those keywords appears across 100 domains. Optimization of these pages and keywords found within the ‘short-term’ quadrant clusters (illustrated above), could result in an increase in site traffic of 172%.

Great British Chefs existing pages and KWs to focus on
The EXISTING keywords and EXISTING pages Great British Chefs should focus on

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