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One of the biggest challenges with competitive analysis in SEO is that it’s an ever changing picture. You have to keep track of hundreds of data points for every major player you care about in your market.

Automated aggregation of all the data you’ll ever need means you can spend less time collecting and collating data, and more time interpreting the data and taking the steps you need to take to win.


Competitive Site Audit

As marketers we’re often asked to produce a competitive analysis to help senior management with strategy or budgetary decisions. You can now automate this analysis in a simple tabular summary and can track movements over the life of your campaign.

You can track key SEO factors such as Link Profiles, Indexation and Technical SEO issues across 5 competitors per campaign. If you want to track more than 5 competitors, simply create another campaign.

Domain performance

Market Visibility

Find out whether your competitors are getting more or less traffic than you for the keywords you are ranking for within a competitive league table. Find new and upcoming competitors and watch who is rising and falling. You can even spot a few highly relevant link prospects; non-competing websites who are ranking well for your basket of keywords.
We automatically analyze the top referring non-brand keywords that are generating natural search engine visits to your website; we check your search engine ranks for these keywords and estimate the traffic for all competing sites based on our own algorithms and your web analytics data. 

How do you stack up against your competition on key SEO factors?


Competitive Link Analysis

Gone are the days when you were the only website actively optimizing in your niche. If you are building quality links to your website then you can bet your bottom dollar that your major competitors are too.

Keep track of your competitors’ link profiles; compare growth in the links and referring domains. Investigate where they are getting their best links from and which keywords they are targeting through anchor text analysis.

Domain performance


Competitive Link Prospecting

Piggyback off your competitors’ link building campaigns! Automatically research the top backlinks for up to 5 competitors per campaign and use our link building tools to manage the outreach process.

You can research each competitor’s top 5,000 backlinks, target their very best links and target sites linking to more than one competitor.

Competitive Rankings

The Competitive Rankings module shows the performance of your website’s search engine rankings versus your competitors’ websites. Track up to 5 competitors in all the major search engines per SEO campaign.
If you would like to track more than 5 competitors, then simply add additional campaigns at no extra cost.
Domain performance

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Competitive Analysis by Authoritas can help you stay one step ahead of your competition with unparalleled competitive intelligence and segmentation. The platform aggregates all data collected from your competitors and benchmarks your growth against theirs, which therefore provides unique actionable insights to fuel your competitive strategy


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