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Another enterprise-only feature that we’re really proud to be launching in the new version of the Authoritas platform is our Content Strategy Intelligence. Automate the formation of your content strategy by discovering the highest potential keyword opportunities from your top 100 competing sites. Discover clustering of websites, pages and keywords in the SERPs. Eliminate guesswork – focus on ROI-based recommendations for your future content publishing activities.

Content Strategy | Authoritas SEO Software

Discover naturally occurring clusters in the SERPs

Our community detection algorithms show the naturally occurring clusters of websites, pages and keywords in the SERPs, providing you with next-generation insight into who the major players are – and who the up-and coming sites that you might not know about are – in your target market.

We do the science stuff so you don’t have to

Our keyword and content opportunity clusters are semantically labelled automatically using TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency). This is were our data really comes in handy! By using the data science-driven insights available in the platform, you can rather focus on faster and better decision making by taking the guesswork out of your content marketing strategy.

You don’t have to worry about the science stuff though – all you have to know is that there is a lot of intelligent data science that goes into our computations. Which means that you can focus on implementing the optimum content marketing strategy.

ROI based content strategy recommendations

We provide ROI-based content strategy recommendations using organic growth potential and relative strength of all ranking pages. This means that not only are we helping you to discover the content marketing opportunities that will bring you in the highest volume of relevant traffic – we’re also ordering your opportunities based upon potential ROI.

Discover high potential keyword suggestions for existing pages

Discover high potential keyword suggestions for existing pages on your site. We SEOs know that the easiest way to rank quickly is to optimize existing pages for new, related keyword phrase opportunities. This module of our platform will help you discover new, relevant  keywords that you hadn’t even considered before for your existing pages.

Content theme and keyword suggestions for new pages

However, as well as optimizing your existing content, you want to be continually publishing fresh content on your site. Our platform also helps you determine the new content themes that you should be writing about – helping you to discover highly relevant suggested content topics and keyword phrases for new pages.

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