The Big Data Challenge


Once you’ve found your reliable, trusted sources of data, the next step is to combine and make sense of that data.

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Combining data

If you can combine data from different sources, not only can you compare the quality of different sources of data, you can also combine data to provide more meaningful insights. When you combine data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console in an intelligent way, you vastly improve the level of insight for your SEO campaigns, and for your business. However, combining your data with our own ‘intellitraffic’ algorithm gives you a lot more power. SEOs know that Google have been slowly ‘not providing’ organic keyword data – so it’s great to have a lot of these estimates back available inside the Authoritas platform.

Combining your existing Google Analytics and Search Console data; and delivering greater insight as a result of blending those multiple sources is relatively easy…


Big SEO data

However, the real enterprise wins in 2016 and beyond will come from going BIG with data science. The businesses that succeed online in the future will do so in no small part because they know the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors inside-out. They know all the content marketing opportunities in their market, and what are the biggest future content opportunities based on what their competitors currently aren’t doing well. And that’s where the Authoritas Market Share module comes in. It’s a brand new, built from the ground-up SAAS product that will revolutionize the way you do competitor analysis and content marketing opportunity research. Domain performance

Introducing Market Share by Authoritas

Market Share isn’t a simple software tool that collates existing available data in pretty graphs. Our proprietary infrastructure and unique data lets you track your organic market share performance against all your competitors, analyze both your common and opportunity keywords; and suggests optimization strategies for existing content as well as helping you select the best future content publishing opportunities.

  Market Share Topic Suggestions We find that the vast majority of SEOs and content marketers that we speak to aren’t aware of many competitors in their market, and that they’re generally only aware of a small percentage of keyword opportunities that exist. We developed Market Share so that marketing teams – specifically SEOs and content marketing strategists – could quickly and easily prioritise optimum content writing and site optimisation opportunities, and fully embrace the true potential of data science. To use an analogy, most websites happily exist in their own solar systems. They have a collection of local planets (websites) that they’re very much aware of, but they don’t tend to have “universal mentality”. In today’s global marketplace, most businesses need to be aware of every potential competing website in the world (think planets competing with similar planets in different solar systems – or even in different galaxies).

Market Share can not only help you become the shining star in your own solar system – but will help you identify and benchmark your performance against similar planets in different galaxies.


Let us help you explore your competitive universe.


If you compete in a market that’s full of well-funded competitors, you need to be nimble and laser-targeted when it comes to identifying and prioritising opportunities. To succeed you need the backing of relevant, full market intelligence and the ability to define potential threats as soon as they arise.


Here’s how Market Share can assist you:

  • Expand your content marketing horizons by finding hundreds of thousands of new content ideas and keywords
  • Propel your SEO strategy by justifying additional investment in exploring high short-term opportunities
  • Build your authority over the long-term by publishing related authoritative content in your niche

Market Share Dashboard

Here at Authoritas, our world-class developers, data scientists and all-round data science rocket-stars like to know as much as we can about how a search engine crawls and organises the web.


Market Share makes sense of your internet world as a search engine sees it.


5 Reasons Why Market Share is different to alternatives


  1. Market Share tracks your organic market share percentage against your top 100 competitors in each market. Other solutions ask you to select just a few competitors based on your own knowledge.
  2. Market Share provides a total market analysis of both common and opportunity keywords. This helps you define targeting strategy based upon keywords that are already successful for your competitors.
  3. A content analysis of your existing pages is completed in order to suggest new keywords to be added around your existing content. This provides you with quick-win opportunities.
  4. A further content analysis of existing pages is conducted, to suggest new keywords for new content creation, ensuring that there is little or no crossover when it comes to content creation.
  5. Market Share also quantifies the projected financial value of traffic, allowing you to forecast the ROI of future content marketing activities.


Who needs Market Share?


Marketing Directors

  • Automate your spending decisions
  • Helps with your big data strategy decisions
  • Understand your true market share
  • Provides content marketing investment recommendations based upon projected ROI
  • Helps you to integrate SEO & content marketing into other marketing activities in the business


Heads of SEO

  • Automate analysis of hundreds of thousands of keywords
  • Get big data-powered competitor insight and keyword strategy recommendations in a single platform
  • Graphing & clustering components
  • Existing keywords for existing content
  • New keywords for existing content
  • New keywords for new content
  • Graph opportunities based upon opportunity as well as projected ROI


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