Enterprise Solutions

Authoritas understands the challenges faced by brands and companies. Our platform offers SEO & Content Marketing solutions to help you improve the performance of your websites. With Authoritas you can benchmark your growth against the industry plus research the top competing sites to discover keyword and content ideas for your company. This ensures you are producing the content your users are searching for leading to higher engagement and conversions

Find out how Authoritas can help you with not only with your SEO and content marketing  strategy but with reporting on a wide range of campaigns as well as support and guidance with your agency. We help you drive organic traffic that converts.

SEO & Content Marketing Strategy

  • Get a clear analysis of your site issues and opportunities
  • Content auditing to identify problem areas
  • Content performance monitoring (Analytics, Links and Social Shares)
  • Budget allocation – compare ROI of SEO vs PPC
  • Set an achievable SEO strategy
Content Recommendations module

How can you use this data?

Interested in seeing how we can leverage our data for your benefit? Have a look at how we helped Priceminster increase their organic traffic by 41% in just 5 weeks.

Market & Competitive Intelligence

  • Unparalleled market intelligence and segmentation
  • Benchmark your growth against the industry growth
  • Observe naturally occurring clusters of websites, pages and keywords in the SERPs
  • Research the top 100 competing sites to discover keyword and content ideas
  • SWOT analysis to show off the areas of greatest potential return
  • Piggyback off your competitors’ like building effort

Team Coordination

  • Set clear team goals and plans across international teams
  • Add unlimited users
  • Manage multiple sites in one go
  • Automate intial tasks, delegate and set deadlines
  • Create recurring tasks
Configure custom SEO tasks
Create advanced SEO reports

Consistent Framework & Reporting

  • Set standards and operating frameworks across global teams
  • White label the platform
  • Schedule reports across multiple sites and territories
  • PPT, PDF & XLS formats
  • Measure SEO Results & Targets
  • Analyse the ROI from your team’s SEO work
  • Prioritise corrective action

SEO Campaign Management

  • 5 minute setup
  • Technical site audits
  • Keyword rankings & research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Set SEO targets
  • Page optimisation
  • Link building tools
  • Customised reports
SEO Project Management Tool

Can we help?

If you are interested in trying these SEO tools for your sites, then please book a brief call with one of our platform experts to explore whether we have what you need.

Agency Management

  • Track whether they are delivering value for money
  • Automatically benchmark data to brief an agency
  • Benchmark your SEO statistics and agree and track targets
  • Check the quality of third party link builders’ links
  • Our Client Success team can be used to give you an impartial perspective on SEO decision

Research domain, page and keyword level SEO data