Frequently Asked Question Explorer

Provide your content marketing and editorial teams with a prioritised list of important keywords with a related list of questions that consumers are asking that you could (and probably should) be answering.

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Frequently Asked Question Explorer Tool

Answering questions from prospective customers and existing customers, and even customers of competitors is a great and simple way to achieve more SEO success in less time.

This effective SEO Technique helps you quickly rank for:

  • Featured Snippets
  • Organic FAQs
  • People Also Ask
  • Voice Search

Understand User Intent Across the Buyer Journey

Keyword Research and Rank Tracking and User Intent

If you track your head terms in our keyword rank tracking module then you’ll already be taking advantage of our unique User Intent model that gives you a Navigational, Informational, Commercial or Transactional score for each keyword.

Entering these keywords into our FAQ Explorer allows you to extend this one step further and discover highly relevant questions that you should be writing new content or optimising existing to answer.

This is great for understanding user intent and planning content marketing activities across all stages of the buying journey; from initial informational questions, through to commercially oriented questions to ones with brand and transactional intent.

Benefits of this SEO Technique

FAQs for Featured Snippets in Google
  • Increase your share of SERP real-estate
  • Manage your own online reputation
  • Improve the relevance of landing pages
  • Boost your Expertise, Authority and Trust
  • Differentiate vanilla eCommerce product pages from competitors
  • Improve your ranking

But most importantly, these are real buyers.

Answering their questions improves the value you are delivering to them and increases the likelihood of them choosing to buy from you.

Brand or Navigational Questions

Make sure you answer questions consumers have about your brand and the brands you stock.  Remember to research all product lines and questions deliveries and returns.

Tools for discovering FAQs about your brand

Informational Questions

Researching informational queries can often give you opportunities to win buyers’ hearts and minds at the earliest stages of the buyer journey.

Commercial Questions

Make sure you answer commercial queries where consumers are just starting their buyer journey.  Study the type of content that is already ranking – often this is a mix of long-form editorial with images and videos, or eCommerce category pages (as Google recognises that consumers like to window-shop).

Software for finding commercial user intent queries
Software for finding transactional user intent queries

Transactional Questions

Make sure you answer important pre-sales and post-purchase questions that your buyers have.

FAQs about our Frequently Asked Question Explorer Tool

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