Global Setup

Our flexible account structure allows you to globally setup the software in the way that’s right for your business. For instance, our system configuration supports global company structures and our Parent > Child > Grandchild account structure supports divisional and subsidiary level analysis. Utilize our multiple white-labels for different brands, franchises, categories or divisions.

The bigger you are, the bigger the benefits

No matter the size of your organization — no matter how many countries your business operates in or how many marketing or SEO departments that your business has, the Authoritas platform can reflect your own business structure, making it much easier for your employees to understand the software and to fully benefit from it.

Hierarchical account structure

Use our Parent > Child > Grandchild account structure to mimic your divisional and subsidiary business levels to get the maximum possible impact out of the platform.

Suitable for managing multiple brands

The Authoritas platform is used many large agencies, leveraging its white-labelling capabilities to report directly to their clients. This functionality can also be used for different brands, franchises, categories or divisions within a single, large enterprise.

Give your users the access they require

Our permissions system hierarchy allows you to control user access to specific sites, meaning that your users focus on the areas that are relevant and appropriate for them.

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