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Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is about to redefine the SERPs as we know it.  
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What are the related follow-up questions and will they be identical to People Also Ask results?

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What is Google's Search Generative Experience?

SGE is Google's pioneering integration of generative AI into search, rendering more dynamic and enriched search results. It's not just a new feature for Google Search; it's a fundamental shift in the way we all will search and find products and websites online.  It's going to have a transformative impact on the SEO landscape by facilitating a more conversational approach to search.

In short it's a game-changer.

Even Google's SGE recognises this :)

Why Google’s SGE is a Game-Changer for SEOs

There are going to be major changes in the order and prominence of different universal SERP features
Featured snippets, Local packs, People Also Ask, Find Results On, Shopping, Ads are all likely to be redesigned or disappear completely.
Results will vary by keyword query and intent.  Some SGE results will be prepopulated for certain types of queries whilst others will only feature a simple SGE ‘click-to-generate’ prompt.
There are huge risks to your existing organic positions and traffic, e.g. You could lose a Featured Snippet and be replaced with just one of many citation links.
There are also huge opportunities (especially for sites ranking outside the top results) to get referenced in generative AI search
These changes will impact how you update, create and publish content to rank well in future

What can SEOs do
to prepare for SGE?

The integration of SGE into Google's core web search is not just a shift, it’s a seismic event in the digital landscape. With SGE, the rules of SEO are set to change. The way your website appears, the traffic it receives, and the visibility it enjoys are all set to change significantly.

Start preparing your organisation today
Factor large percentage organic traffic swings into your 2024 planning scenarios and budgets
Use a VPN or proxy and try this yourself if you are outside the United States
Stay Ahead: The search landscape is changing. Ensure you're not left behind by understanding the implications of SGE on your search rankings.
Predict Traffic Impact: With SGE, user behaviour will change. Our tools let you foresee potential shifts in your website traffic.
Maximize Visibility: Optimise your content strategy to be in sync with SGE's capabilities keeping your website in prime search positions.